Breaking Bad series finale recap: Did Jesse Pinkman die?


Sadly, Breaking Bad came to an end on Sunday night with the series finale that left us all finding closure and having the best ending to the show that we could have asked for. Blood was shed, goodbyes were shared and perhaps the one character that everyone was hoping would live was able to go on his way with his first taste of freedom in some time.

Was Jesse Pinkman the lucky character?

Walter White was ready for what seemed like a suicide mission when he went in to visit Todd’s crazy Uncle Jack with no back up. After asking to see Jesse, Frank obliged and the two men came face to face.

In order to save Jesse after seeing the suffering that he was experiencing, Walt tackled Jesse to the ground as he activated the automatic gun turret in his car that took the lives of Jack’s men. Walt delivered the final bullet to Jack, while Jesse was able to get revenge against Todd for taking the life of the young boy in the desert and Andrea.

Jesse choked Todd with his chains before snapping his neck and getting the ultimate satisfaction.

It was then that Jesse had his final showdown with Walt.

Mr. White slid the gun to Jesse and asked him to take his life, but Jesse put the gun down and walked away to freedom before driving off in to the sunset and leaving Walt to die on his own.

Finally, something good happened to Jesse.

The Breaking Bad series finale was as good as it gets and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the show. Let us know your thoughts on the ending in the comments section below.

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  • Jason Backus

    Loved the fact that of all the characters, Jesse, the ‘soul’ of the series, was able to break his bonds, rage against his demons, pick up his tattered pieces, and ride on. His redemption, although hardly perfect, is what we all hope for for ourselves as well, whether we’re ‘the bad guy’ or not. Sometimes, when life gives you nothing But lemons, you simply have to rage, and then ride on to the next scene…

    • Luciënne Daniëlle Van Bokhorst

      On to Need for speed in Jesse’s case, hahaha!

  • Jeanette Spaur

    I need to know where Jesse went… any ideas??

    • Pambi47

      I like to think he’s a woodworker in Alaska. That would make me happy.

      • kim

        You GOT it……I wrote my above vision of Jesse’s safe haven in Alaska before I read your post.
        Nice to know some others saw that.

        • Pambi47

          You should check out my daughter’s tumblr banner; I think you’ll like it. She’s timidtimbuktu.

    • Curran

      probably went back to his mother

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    Jesse lives but he is not saved. Jesse handled the gun that killed not just Uncle Jack but also killed Hank. We know from how the DEA handled Skylar that just because Walt is dead they won’t let Hank’s death go and someone will need to be punished. Jesse’s prints are also all over the drug lab so in the end, Walt has manipulated him one last time. It will be assumed that Walt was the overarching boss of the drug operation, running it from afar as the continued source of the blue would insinuate, so Walt still gets to go out on top as Heisenberg – not as a broken, dying man. Once Jesse is arrested – and he will be as he is running with no money or resources, just an el Camino associated with the Aryan compound – he will most certainly be charged in the death of both Hank and Gomez. This will give a small amount of closure to Flynn as it will allow him to believe that his dad was not the one who pulled the trigger. There are no happy endings for anyone here.

    • heisenberg

      i like that idea cause its true

    • Curran

      Remember he changed his name and everything is cleared

  • Buenodi

    What a retarded title for your article. It has nothing to do with anything you wrote and the question is not even worth asking. Another question you’re going to ask in a follow-up article will be, Did Uncle Hank Live?

  • kim

    here’s a thought: perhaps the most important scene in the entire saga is a 2 minute scene in the finale.
    We see the word worker’s hands, the wood working tools, the soft rag in the honey colored linseed oil.
    We see Jesse, content with his craft, literally kissing the finished box and giving a gentle smile. That is not the woodshop of Jesse’s junior year, he is not sixteen, that is not the box that he traded for an ounce of weed.
    That shop is in Alaska, drenched with the low slanting midnight summer sun, clean and simple. That wood worker is an older Jesse but with a new name, in his new life sheltered in Alaska. Notice again, we never see his right cheek with the knife scar. Perhaps, in this new life, he is learning from Alaska Native elders how to live with the cycles of nature, perhaps he crafts wooden boxes as gifts for people to use for the ashes of their loved ones. He is utterly redeemed, joyous.

  • eaiofn

    Does he die? I certainly hope so, I hope he was arrested and then stabbed to death by the remnants of Jack’s gang that were still behind bars. I’ve hated the kid since the beginning, honestly.

  • Stephen Davis

    Jessie should have died plain and simple. He cooperated with Hank. He pretty much got Hank Killed.