Breaking Bad series finale recap: Did Walter White die?


If you had to pick one word to describe the Breaking Bad finale, it would have to be “perfect.” After plenty of speculation about how it would all end and what characters would die, we finally learned the fate of Walter White and company.

The man who started it all and carried the action throughout the series was none other than chemistry teacher turn meth kingpin Walter White, so how did his story come to an end?

After a a bloodbath that took out the entire Nazi clan, Walt was able to avenge Hank’s death by delivering the final bullet to Todd’s Uncle Jack. It was then that Walt came face to face with his former partner, Jesse Pinkman, for the final showdown.

Walt had the gun while Jesse was unarmed, but he slid the gun over to Jesse and offered him the chance to pull the trigger.

With Walt saving the life of Jesse, Pinkman returned the favor and walked away as Walt was left on his own. In the final moments of the show, Walter White walked over to the meth lab that was built with the plans that he and Jesse put together, before admiring his work one final time and ultimately dying in the lab as a result of a gunshot wound he suffered in the crossfire.

The closing shots showed Walt sprawled out on the floor as police came in and the camera faded out as Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” took us to the end.

It was a beautiful ending that couldn’t have left you asking for more. Simply put, it was brilliant.

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