Kenya's Wilson Kipsang at the 2012 London Olympics. Mandatory Photo Credit: Chris Haneswinckle, USA Today Sports

Kenya's Wilson Kipsang sets marathon world record

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Kenya’s Wilson Kipsang set the world record in the marathon on Sunday, taking advantage of a fast course in Berlin to break the old mark by fifteen seconds. Kipsang’s finishing time was 2:03:23.

A tired but ecstatic Kipsang spoke after the race:

I’m very happy that I have won and broken the world record. I was really inspired by Paul Tergat when he broke the world record here 10 years ago and I’m very happy that I was in a position to break the record on the same course (Reuters).

Kipsang also said he was capable of lowering the record even more:

If I prepare very well and stay in shape then maybe. Today there was a lot of wind… but if the wind would have been a little bit then it (the time) would come down.

For those not mathematically inclined — and I include myself in that — Kipsang’s time of 2:03:23 means that he ran a marathon averaging 4:43 per mile. That is ridiculous. For comparison, jog on down to your local track and run a mile in five minutes. Pretty tough, right? (I know I can’t do it.) Okay, now repeat 26 more times without stopping.

We tip our hats to Kipsang for his incredible accomplishment.

[Source: Reuters]

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