Breaking Bad: Diary from a first time viewer

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Having spent a majority of the past seven days attempting to watch all of Breaking Bad before the season finale, I can safely say that I am sick of television. I used to be able to endure seemingly endless marathons of watching TV without batting an eye, but it appears that ability has diminished with age. It’s probably for the best, frankly. I am, however, in no way sick of Breaking Bad.

Like most idiots, I decided not to hop on the Breaking Bad train until way too late in the ride. I’d always seen the show praised on every corner of the Internet, yet I never had the urge to delve into the story of Walter White. My lack of interest in participating in the Breaking Bad phenomenon didn’t stem from an urge to seem “cool” — trust me, there is nothing “cool” about being a cultural contrarian –  but rather from a doubt that the show could really be as good as everyone claimed.

Yeah. I was wrong.

So here, presented for you all, is the running diary of my attempt to watch all of Breaking Bad in under a week. I knew absolutely nothing about the plot going into my experiment — seriously, the only thing I knew was that Walter White teaches high school and deals meth — and I made it a rule to not research the show as I watched. If you’re a hardcore Breaking Bad fan looking to discuss the symbolism of the show or other such Lit. Theory 101 things, this diary isn’t going to do you much good. Sorry, but I’ll leave such analyses up to smarter and more dedicated fans. But if you want to be reminded of what it’s like to watch the show for the first time, then dive on in.

This should go without saying, but I don’t want hate mail: There will be spoilers. That is your one and only warning.

Let’s begin…

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