Lebron James is NBA 2k14's cover boy; Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

VIDEO: NBA 2k14 Next Gen Trailer

The NBA 2k14 that is set to release tomorrow (October 1st) will feature current generation graphics that are seen in NBA 2k13. When the Playstation 4 and XBOX One are released later this fall, there will be new graphics to show off the full effect of the new game. On Monday, 2k Sports released a trailer to show off the next generation graphics:

Those look stunning. The NBA 2k series has taken the top spot in NBA video games, and it has even caused Electronic Arts to stall production on the NBA Live series. Clearly, Lebron James will be the focus of this game, and he even has a game mode that allows you to play out the rest of his career. NBA Live will release on November 19, as they will attempt to bring some real competition to the monopoly that is NBA 2k.

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