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George Karl joins ESPN

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After winning 57 games, and the Coach of the Year award, George Karl found himself without a job. The Nuggets fired him after a 1st round exit, and have replaced him with first year head coach Brian Shaw. The off-season has come and gone, and Karl was still unemployed. Well, it seems as if he’s found a home. Karl will join ESPN as an NBA analyst:

“I think they know and I know that in the right situation there’s always the possibility of going back to coaching,” Karl said. “I had a great time last year with Denver, but in the same sense I enjoyed my time there eight years ago, and it’s always fun to put yourself in kind of an analyst-type situation. And hopefully I can maybe give some insights that coaches are really important in this game. I think coaches are probably the key to winning championships as much as anything else.”

via the Associated Press

This is a phenomenal hire for ESPN, who ranks behind Turner Sport’s coverage in the NBA department. He’s honest, and has a great personality. Karl is very straightforward, and I hope they use him in the right manner. He would really boost their pre-game and post-game coverage, and give them a chance to compete with TNT. Karl will make his debut on Friday on the 11 PM edition of Sportscenter.

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