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‘Sleepy Hollow’ season 1, episode 3 recap: ‘For the Triumph of Evil’

When most people ask for Mister Sandman to bring them a dream, they are looking for love, money, or fame. Certainly not what is on the docket in tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow entitled ‘For the Triumph of Evil’.

We begin tonight’s tale in a sincerely trippy dream sequence thanks to Lt. Mills.

Mills is responding to a late night call from Captain Irving. Accompanying them is an unknown forensic psychologist. As they make their way to the interrogation room, Mills asks Irving where Crane is. He informs her that Crane is already interrogating the subject.

Wait…Crane is what? This is new.

The forensic psychologist tells Abbie that the suspect is very good, and knows exactly what she is doing. You can hear Crane in the background screaming at her. Mills turns to her and says “She?”

We finally caught Abigail Mills.” Irving says.

Ok…this just crossed over into weird. Kind of early in the episode, but we’ll go with this.

Caught? I don’t understand.” Abbie asks. “She didn’t do anything wrong, did she?” she asks Irving.

He looks her in the eyes and says, “I think you know the answer to that.”

Abbie opens the door to the interrogation room, suddenly the other Abbie is gone, and Ichabod is seated in front of her, his eyes as white as a ghost.

Stop lying, Abbie.” Ichabod says. “The truth will set you free.”

And just like that, the door slams behind her with a resounding thud.

Try as she may to get out, the door is sealed. She calls out for the Captain, but to no avail. The lights begin to flicker like something out of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Abbie runs to another door, but that too slams just before she can get to it.

Suddenly, as she is banging on the two-way mirror trying to get someone’s attention, she turns to see a white figure behind her, devoid of any sort of eyes. It makes that creepy noise you hear the dementors make the Harry Potter films.

Inexplicably, Abbie is now awake in her bed. Just a second later, her phone begins to ring. Emergency response requests her presence at 3rd and Main.

When Abbie arrives on the scene, she meets up with Ichabod. Police cars are everywhere, and the officers are already creating a perimeter.

Crane asks her about her dream. She tells him that he was in it, and that he was freaking her out more than usual. Ichabod smiles at the idea.

Before they can continue that conversation, they are approached by Captain Irving. He asks her if she is familiar with a Dr. Mara Vega. Unfortunately, she is not.

The camera pans up, and you see a woman dressed in white standing on the edge of a very tall building. Irving tells Mills that there is a crisis responder up there with her, but that she refuses to talk to anyone except Abbie.

I think this is the point where you insert my confused face. Why would someone who Abbie doesn’t even know want to speak with her while potentially standing on the edge of existence?

Abbie heads up to the top of the building to speak with Dr. Vega.

She sticks her head out of the window and addresses her.

It’s my fault. The thing she saw was real.” Vega says. “I believed her, and I lied. I should have told the truth.” She continues.

Abbie asks her the obvious question, “About what?” She asks her who she is talking about, and gets a rather unexpected answer.

Your sister, Jenny.” Vega says.

Dr. Vega turns her head to face Lt. Mills, and her eyes are white. Just as Ichabod’s had been in her dream.

It’s my fault.” Vega says once more.

Abbie thought back to the dream she had and realizes that the woman she sees standing before her is the same woman that she saw in her dream; the forensic psychologist.

I deserve it. I’ve had this coming for a long time. We all have.” She says as she turns and leaps from the building, landing squarely on the hood of a parked car. Onlookers scream in fright.

When the sun rose on the next day, Mills, Irving, and Crane are walking up to the crime scene once again. Irving questioned her on what went down on that rooftop.

Abbie described the situation as if Dr. Vega had been sleepwalking. She tells them that her eyes were glazed over white.  Irving suggested that it could be the result of some sort of drug; Abbie disagrees. She says that it is unlike anything else that she had ever seen.

Suddenly, something sparks inside of Crane’s mind. He yells to the Medical Examiner that he would like to inspect the body before they leave.

They open one of Dr. Vega’s eyes to further inspect them. The ME describes her eyes as a massive cataract. Before they could go into much more detail, the eye simply exploded into a small cloud of sand.

Irving instructs that no one sees or goes near the body until he says so.

Off to the side, Irving asks them what happened. In his usual wit, Crane breaks down the painstakingly obvious. As usual, Irving ignore that there is anything “supernatural” at play here. He asks Abbie what else is going on.

She tells him that Dr. Vega had mentioned her sister Jenny. She assumes that this is how the good doctor knew who Abbie was, and why she wanted to speak only to her.Irving asks her if her sister had spent any time at Tarrytown Psychiatric.  Abbie explains her sister was there during the first year of her commitment.

Irving tells her that Dr. Vega was a resident psych there, and tells them that he will get them her files. He tells them to go through them and see what they can dig up.

After Irving leaves, Crane and Abbie start to talk once more about the dream she had. She tells him every little detail; even the fact that Vega was there too. Kind of interesting for someone she has never met before, huh?

Ichabod tells her that she had a prophetic dream, warning her of an impending event. He reminds her that according to Washington’s bible there are two witnesses. As usual, she cuts him off and tries to avoid the inevitable.

Crane muses that the creature that Abbie saw in her dream may be the true cause of the doctor’s death. He wonders if it has to do with the 7 years of tribulations, and if the creature was not sent as a harbinger of evil in order to test them.

Later, you see them in the records room watching a tape of Vega interviewing Jenny. Abbie is looking over one of the doctor’s files. Abbie reads a passage from one of the files where Vega states that the more she gets to know Jenny, the more she knows that she is telling the truth.

They feel that it is possible that the Doctor allowed Jenny to remain institutionalized based on fear of censure.

Fear causes inaction, inaction cause pain, qed, fear causes pain.” Ichabod says.

Abbie is still trying to rationalize that the doctor’s death was done in search of some form of absolution, and has nothing to do with her role as a witness. Ichabod is not convinced.

Ichabod is certain that this creature was sent after them by the demon in the woods. Abbie and her sister are both enemies of the demon, and that is how they are connected.

Crane says that he needs to speak to her sister, in which Abbie summarily refuses. She insists that they do not speak; period. He explains to her in no uncertain terms that time doesn’t change, but death will. Finally, he convinces her that this is necessary to uncover the truth.

Abbie and Ichabod arrive at the institution to see Jenny. Abbie is still trying to convince Ichabod that Jenny is not going to help them, because she a cop and Jenny is a criminal.

When they get inside, Abbie introduces herself to the nurse and informs her that she is Jennifer Mills’ sister. The nurse seems shocked. She says that she didn’t even know that Jennifer had a sister.

The nurse then excuses herself for a second, and dials extension 49. Suddenly, we flash back to a conversation that Abbie had with Corbin where he tells her to fear the number 49. Who could it be that the nurse is calling?

The nurse hangs up the phone and tells Abbie matter-of-factly that Jenny doesn’t want to speak to her, and turns them away.

Ichabod asks her could she not force the issue, but Abbie tells him that while she could indeed press the issue, it would not get them the information that they need. He asks her if she is amenable to him speaking to her. Abbie agrees.

The nurses escort Ichabod to Jenny’s cell.

When he enters the room, she has her back to the door, staring out the barred windows of her room.

Jennifer is indeed nothing like Abbie. She is very standoffish and not exactly pleasant. However, I can’t say that I would be a bright ray of sunshine if I was locked in a mental institution either.

Ichabod tells she that he has seen the demon in the woods. She tells him to be quiet, that they lock people iup around there who talk crazy. He tells him that he should ask Abbie why she is in there and Abbie is out there; that he should make her tell him all the details and see if he can still look at her the same way.

He sits in front of her and informs her that Dr. Vega had leapt to her death. Jenny seems slightly taken aback by the news. Ichabod tells her that the last person Dr. Vega spoke to was Abbie.

He tells her what Dr. Vega’s parting words were to Abbie, and he asks her what they could have meant. She says she doesn’t know. He says that there are things in Sleepy Hollow that are not of this realm, and asks her what it was that could have killed the doctor. She then starts to panic and tells him that it is time for him to go.

He presses by telling her that the four horseman are coming  and the first has already arrived; that the first one appeared, and beheaded Corbin and the reverend before leaving. He tells her that neither him nor Abbie believe that she is insane.

She tells him that if what he believes is true, then he knows that there is nothing she can do for him.

It’s all over, but the crying. My conscience is clear. Ask Abbie if she can say the same.” Jennifer says.

Ichabod asks Abbie once again what it was that caused this massive rift between her and her sister. As usual, she is trying to blow him off. She tells him once again that “it’s complicated.” He explains to her that what happened between her and her sister is between her and her sister, but that her secret is standing in the way of a truth that they must uncover.

She tells him that she is going to trust him with something that she has never told anyone, not even Sherriff  Corbin.

She explains further what happened when when her and Jenny saw the demon in the woods. After they woke up, she felt like she had only been out for a few hours, but in actuality they had been unconscious for 4 days. Eventually, someone found them in the woods.

Once they had them back, the police had a lot of questions that she didn’t want to answer. Abbie told Jenny not to say anything, but of course, she didn’t listen. Jenny began to explain to police exactly what they had seen. Jenny told police that Abbie had seen the same thing. When they were finished, the officer turned to Abbie and asked her if she had seen the same thing. She told them that she had not.

Jenny is visibly upset and starts to tell them that Abbie is lying.

Even as they were taking Jenny away, Abbie still would not admit to what she had seen.

Abbie tells Ichabod that their parents were out of the picture, and that they had finally landed in a good foster home, and did not want anything to get in the way of that. She said that she told her sister to keep her mouth shut, and that is what she should have done.

She continued that it was bad enough that they were in the woods trying to sneak beers after school, and that if they tried to tell them what they had seen that they would be in an even worse situation.

Ichabod asks her of the rancher who had found the two of them. Abbie tells him that Mister Gillespie saw the demon as well, but he never said anything to anyone. He said that he probably didn’t want to do anything to detract from his 15 minutes of fame as the small town hero.

Ichabod suggests that the two of them should pay a visit to Mister Gillespie.

At Gillespie’s home, we see him working on a project in the woodshed. He sits down in a chair and takes a sip of his drink, yawning.

Suddenly, he drifts off to sleep, only to be awakened by a very loud bang.

The wind is blowing, and a few of his projects are swaying back and forth in the wind. He gets up from his seat and calls to someone inside. He rips the leg of his pants on a nail protruding from the table.

We see a mysterious shadow walk past the window while Mister Gillespie is bent over. He throws the towel he used to wipe his leg on the table, still bloody from his leg.

He continues to call out for someone named Paige.

He is carefully inspecting the house when he hears another loud noise. Quickly, he grabs his gun. When he turns around, the sandman is right behind him. He fires a shot, but to no avail.

Back at the station, Captain Irving comes into the squad room carrying a sign and demanding to know who was responsible for hanging the sign in his office. When he holds up the sign, you see that it is a sign for a horse crossing with the head broken off of it.

He asks them if this is some big joke to them. Morales stands up and admits that it was him. He says that this is a simple prank that they play on people who are new to the department.

Irving approaches him and says “Good one.” as he shakes Morales’ hand.

Before they can finish their conversation, the captain gets a call that there have been shots fired at the Gillespie ranch. The captain quickly departs.

Abbie and Ichabod arrive on the scene shortly after Captain Irving. He immediately asks Abbie what they are doing there as he did not call them. She says that apparently their two investigations have crossed paths.

Irving tells them that they got a report of shots fired within the house. As it was, Gillespie is holding his wife hostage and refuses to talk to anyone except for Abbie.

Oh great…this again.

Abbie suits up, draws her weapon and heads inside.

She opens the door and walks inside, weapon still at the ready. She calls out to Mister Gillespie. She finds a bullet hole in a mirror by the stairs.

She makes her way towards the kitchen only to find a family picture smashed on the floor.

She finds Gillespie and his wife sitting on the floor in the kitchen. His wife tells her to stay out, that her husband has lost his mind.

She tells Mister Gillespie that she is there to help him. He looks up at her, and low and behold, he has the same white eyes that Dr. Vega had before she leapt to her death.

You can’t help me.” he says to her.

She reassures him that she can, and urges him to just speak to her. Suddenly, the sandman appears behind Abbie. Mister Gillespie draws his weapon and fires multiple shots into the air.

Irving goes to send in the firing squad while Ichabod charges towards the house. Abbie’s voice rings out over the radio telling them that everything is ok. The captain tells everyone to stand down.

Abbie sees Crane in the window and motions to him to stand down.

She urges Mister Gillespie to allow her to help him.

You can’t help me.” He says. “He’s coming for you next.” Gillespie continues. “Who is?” Abbie asks. “The Sandman.” He replies. “Next time you fall asleep, you’re dead.” He says.

With that being said, Gillespie turns the gun on himself and shoots himself in the head.

As the sun sets on the rather unpleasant day Ichabod and Abbie start to talk. Ichabod asks her if there is a reason that she is standing all by herself. Abbie clearly blames herself on some level, even though she speaks to the contrary. Ichabod assures her that she did all that she could.

Abbie then tells Ichabod what Mister Gillespie had said to her. Ichabod asks her what the Sandman looks like. He asks her what the sandman looks like, and asks her if it could be the creature from her dream.

Let the investigation begin.

Back at the record office, Abbie is looking through things to see if she can uncover anything that might aid them along the way. Ichabod brings Abbie an energy drink that he got from the receptionist. Abbie explains to him that it will help to keep her awake.

As soon as he takes sip, he begins to choke on it. I must admit that an energy drink is a lot to take in the first time, especially when you are 250 years old. He quickly recovers as if nothing happened.

She explains to him that dream spirits have been around for centuries, but most of them were harmless. She continues to explain that there are those out there that are less friendly; dream demons.

She shows him a picture and asks him if he knows him. Ichabod asks her if the creature that she saw in her dream and big hollow eye sockets, of which he did.

He begins to tell her of the first time he heard of this myth that has become all too real. He explains that he heard of this while fighting alongside the Mohawks during the Revolutionary War. The symbol that they would draw on the ground would be the same symbol that appeared in the old manuscript Abbie had shown him.

The Mohawk spoke of the dream demon killing his father because he had turnd a blind eye on his neighbor’s plight. Hmm…does that sound familiar?

She asks Ichabod what she should do.

He tells her that they need to visit a Mohawk Shaman. She tells him how after the new government took hold a lot of the new government and the Native Americans fought, and a lot of their land was taken away. She told him that there were not a lot of their people left around. Ichabod is shocked, claiming that those people were his friends.

He asks her if there is anyone they could see. She says that there is indeed a guy, but it is not going to be what he is expcting.

With that, they take off to Geronimotors to the sweet tune of Mister Sandman. I am not even going to discuss the cheesy irony in all of this.

The owner introduces himself and proceeds to try to sell them something. Stereotypical used car salesman type. They tell him that they are the police, and immediately, he jumps a little matter of toxic waste that he has in the back. After she tells him that this is not what they are there for, he softens up a little. They tell him that they need his help in combat the dream spirit.

At first, he rebels against them as if they are mocking him. They assure him that they are not kidding. Ichabod follows him as he walks away. He tells him that he saw the look in his eyes when he mentioned the dream spirit. He said that he saw the same look in his ancestors’ eyes when he mentioned the name to them as well.

Ichabod tells him that the dream spirit is coming for his friend, and asks him what he will do when the spirit comes for him. Suddenly, he stops.

After some intense persuasion he agrees to help them.

He asks them to get in his truck, and he takes them for a long drive out to the middle of nowhere to a building that looks much more befitting of a Native American Shaman.

He tells them that this is no run of the mill demon. This one will drive you to a pain so unimaginable that you will take your own life. He explains that some souls go to heaven, some souls go to hell. Those souls who are not claimed go straight to hell with the demon.

He tells her that there is nothing she can do while on this plain. He explains that if she drinks the tea he has placed in front of her, she will travel into his dream world. Then the real fight begins.

She raises her glass before drinking the whole thing. He explains to her that once she enters the dream world, the demo will pick what challenge she has to face. She is a living soul in the valley of death. He explains that if she dies in the dream world, she dies in reality as well.

Almost immediately, Crane takes a sip of the same tea. He tells her that he is coming with her.

The Shaman explains to them that the tea will put them to sleep while the venom will allow them to control their actions while they are asleep.

Whose venom, you may ask? He shows them the scorpion caged in the glass jar.

The Shaman straps both Crane and Mills to tables. He says it is for their own protection. He stresses how much the scorpion’s sting hurts.

He informs them that once they enter the dream world, the tea will keep them connected. Only they will know what they have to do.

The shamans open the jars and place them on Ichabod and Abbie’s stomachs.

Almost simultaneously, the scorpions sting, and thy are off to the dream world. They appear in the forest, far apart from each other. They both call out for each other.

Abbie is the first to come in contact with the Sandman. He stick his fingers in his eye sockets and flings sand in Abbie’s eyes. She is effected on both plains of existence.

As Crane continues to walk through the woods, the wind picks up. Cranes sees a red door in the middle of the forest. As he opens the door, we are taken back to Abbie.

You have been weighed on the scales and been found…wanting.” The demon says in his native tongue.

She fires multiple shots at him, but they soar straight through him doing virtually no damage. He still encroaches on her. Suddenly, the sands of time start to spin, and Abbie is transported back to her and her sister being interrogated. Her sister begs for her to tell the truth.

Suddenly, what she saw as the investigator spins around to the modern day Abbie and shouts at her,

Did you see him?”

When Crane walks through the random door he found in the middle of the woods, he finds himself in a long hallway. He sees Vega hanging lifelessly from a light fixture; her eyes still whited out. Behind her is Gillespie.

There is an empty noose behind them. Gillespie’s voice resounds, “He’s coming for you next.”

Back in the interrogation room, the demon has taken over the place of the investigator. The events of that day continue to play out in front of Abbie.

Her sister is pleading with her, asking her younger self why she is lying.

The spirit turns to the modern day Abbie and asks her if she indeed say this creature. His finger pieces the mirror as if it were play-doh. Before the spirit’s finger can reach Abbie’s face, Ichabod comes in and screams for him to desist.

Your sins are not mine to punish” the dream spirit says as he turns towards Ichabod.

From a distance, the demon begins to choke Ichabod. He pleads for the demon to leave her be. As Ichabod reaches out for the demon, the dream spirit slices at Ichabod’s arm, turning it to flowing sand.

Abbie bursts into the room and screams for the spirit to stop. He tells the dream spirit that she did see the demon in the woods, and that she lied to protect herself. She says that’s he was a coward and that she betrayed her sister.

I turned my back on her when she needed me, and I will not do it again.” Lt. Mills says.

She tells him that he can come for her if he wishes, but that she can see him and she is not afraid of him. Not anymore.

Slowly, the dream spirit begins to turn to glass. When he is completely frozen, Abbie turns and grabs a chair. With one swing, she reduces the dream spirit to little shards of sand.

Suddenly, Abbie and Ichabod are awakened in the real world.

Later that night, they are discussing the 7 years of tribulations. She asks him how long they have been doing this. They both chuckle.

Abbie gets up to leave. She tells Crane that he can stay there for as long as he wishes, but that she has some unfinished business to attend to. Before she can make it to the door, Captain Irving comes walking in. He demands to know how they got in there and why they are there.

She tells him that the figured that this would be a good place for them to do their work; on premises, but out of the way. He agrees. He tells them that if they need access, then he will get them a key.

The Captain tells them to go home and get some sleep.

Abbie heads off to see her sister.

When she arrives at the hospital, the nurse tells her that Jennifer’s visitors log says that she does ot wish to see Abbie. She continues to say that if she doesn’t want to see her, that she can be very stubborn. Abbie says that she does not have to talk, she just has to listen.

The nurse unlocks the door and let’s Abbie in. When they open the door, all the lights in the room are off. Abbie turns them on, but Jennifer is nowhere to be seen. The nurse swears that she was there at lights out, and that the doors are electronically locked. She demands that there is no way that she could have gotten out.

She found one. Get the administrator and lock the building down.” Abbie demands.

Abbie takes a closer look at the tiles in the ceiling. She finds one in particular and presses on it. It opens with ease. It looks as if Abbie just found her sister’s way out.

This ought to be interesting. Just as Abbie realized the error of her ways and goes to apologize to her sister, the delusional one disappears from the institution only to end up God knows where.

Here is a peek at the trailer for next week’s episode.

Make sure to check back with us next week as we take a look at Episode 4 which is entitled “The Lesser Key of Solomon”.

Sleepy Hollow airs Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. on Fox.

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