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Wisconsin HS Football teams combine for 166 points in game


According to Cameron Smith in an article by Yahoo! Sports, two Wisconsin high school football squads scored a combined 166 points in a single game. And you thought the NFL was getting bad.

On Friday, Oconomowoc High School beat Wisconsin Lutheran School 84-82 in what could only be described as a shootout. According to the Living Lake Country website, the 166 combined points crushed the previous Wisconsin state record of 133 total points set in 1998.

To put this into perspective, 12 NFL teams through 4 games this season have yet to score the 82 points Wisconsin Lutheran scored in this game (and still lost). The NFL’s most prolific offense this year, the Denver Broncos, are only averaging 45 points per game, a little more than half of what these two Wisconsin high school teams were able to score in this game.

How do two teams score a combined 166 points in a single game? Play by video game rules. In this game, Wisconsin Lutheran attempted 0 extra-point kicks. There were also 0 successful field goals in this game, and only  one was even attempted. 50 total points were scored in 3rd quarter alone.

As prolific and record-breaking as this scoring clinic was, it does not even come close to the national record for single or combined points scored in a single game. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, this record belongs to Haven High School (Kansas), which beat Sylvia High School 256-0 back in 1927.

Apparently they had no mercy rules back then.

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