Aug 10, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; Inter Milan forward Rodrigo Palacio (8) takes a shot as Real Madrid defender Pepe (3) follows. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Real Madrid's Pepe gets head stapled mid-game (GIF)

So we saw Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson lose a finger in the game. He just casually took his glove off to notice part of his finger missing. Johnson is tough, without a doubt.

Now this isn’t losing a body part, but this is a pretty tough display as well.

In a Champions League match between Real Madrid and FC Copenhagen, Madrid defender Pepe went up for a header with Copenhagen forward Daniel Braathen. Pepe gets up above Braathen and heads the ball but looks like he might have hit Braathen on the head in the process.

Braathen doesn’t really seem to flinch, you might expect the usual flop from him if he felt contact, let alone enough contact to bust open Pepe’s head.

And to fix it?

Oh, the Madrid physio just busted out a staple gun and put one into his head. I was watching the Manchester City/Bayern Munich game so I didn’t see the scene unfold, but I doubt they could’ve given him too many pain killers before doing this. It was during the game and he hasn’t been subbed out yet.

Pepe is one tough dude.

Here is the play that caused the injury:

And here is Pepe getting a staple put in his head:

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