‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Episode 2 Recap ‘0-8-4’

This week’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. begins with an all new adventure. Agent Coulson and the team are sent to investigate an O-8-4.

Just what is an O-8-4? Keep reading, and you’ll find out.

This week, our beginning is at the ending. As we see S.H.I.E.L.D.’s mobile command unit flying peacefully though the blue sky, you hear headquarters come over the radio. They ask Coulson if everything is ok because they heard of a dust up on the ground.

Yeah, we’re all good. It’s gonna be blue skies from here on out.” Coulson says.

Just as the final words exit Coulson’s mouth, a large, gaping hole erupts in the side of the plane.

It’s going to be blue skies, indeed; the up close and personal view.

Now we take a step backwards in time.

We see the mobile command headquarters safely on the ground, and Skye throwing multiple bags out of her van. Just as she pulls the last box from the van, one of the Agents places a device on the hood of the van that starts it immediately.

As Skye boards the plane, we hear Agents Ward and Coulson having a discussion about her. Agent Ward disagrees with Coulson bringing her on as a member of the team. He feels that she is not qualified to be an agent, in which Coulson replies that this is why she is bring brought on as a consultant.

Ward argues no matter her qualifications, she is still a member of the Rising Tide. He says that he was brought on for risk assessment, and she is a risk. Coulson still disagrees, and being that he is the Agent in charge, he wins the argument. At least for now.

As Skye makes her way through the plane, she is greeted by Fitzsimmons.  They welcome her to the team in their own awkward little way, and then guide her up the stairs to get settled in.

Back in the command center, the discussion between Ward and Coulson still rages on. Now, we have Melinda May added to the mix.

She seems to be on the side of Ward as she mentions that Coulson has already brought on 2 people that aren’t cleared for combat, and questions his adding a third.

Coulson brings up the fact that Fitzsimmons are two highly trained scientists. Ward interrupts him and mentions that Skye is not. Coulson cuts him off again, stating that he is looking for an objection that he has not already anticipated. When no one speaks, he gets back on point mentioning that they were called in to investigate an O-8-4. Something that no one has any idea what it really means.

As they prepare to take off, Fitzsimmons help Skye get settled on board. Conveniently for Fitz, the only open bunk is right next door to his. Lucky for him, huh?

Just as Skye is about to settle in, she is approached by Agent Ward. Skye attempts to have a conversation with him, but is shut down pretty quickly as he hands her a pamphlet and tells her to read it. It is information on the plane.

Coulson and Skye have an interesting discussion as he attempts to explain to her what an O-8-4 actually is. An O-8-4 is an object of unknown original. The team is sent in to examine it and see if there is anything useful. He tells them that now they must travel to Peru to investigate the new O-8-4. He tells her that the last O-8-4 that they were sent in to review was pretty interesting. When she asks what it was, he quickly replies, “A hammer.”

They land on a dusty airstrip in Peru, and quickly mobilize. When they arrive at their base, they all rush off to work. Fitzsimmons begin to discuss the origins of the fascinating species that inhabit the air.

Fitzsimmons are the first two to come upon the Incan Temple where the O-8-4 was located. Skye mentioned that there has been a lot of activity from the political rebels, and Coulson mentions that if the story gets out he may need her to create some kind of a diversion; something that Skye is almost completely against.

Coulson introduces himself to the professor that made the discovery. He explains that the temple is filled with pre-Incan artifacts; however, one of the items they found is impossible, and looks like it may be dangerous. They all head inside to inspect.

Attached to the wall is a metal object that is glowing blue. It almost looks like some sort of explosive device. Coulson orders that the professor and his team evacuate the area until they can properly assess the danger.

Simmons suggests that by all the data it would seem that the item has been there for over 1500 years, which would predate the temple. They assume that it is alien in origin. Fitz remarks that based on the design, it almost looks German.

Outside, Ward and May are patrolling the area and end up fighting off an attack from a group of soldiers. Once Ward and May have the situation under control army of soldiers drive up in an SUV.

After Agent Coulson arrives, we come to find out that the group of soldiers is being led by Comandante Camilla Reyes. It appears that Camilla and Coulson, or Phillip as she would call him, have some sort of a history together. By the looks of it, it was a romantic one that; one that it doesn’t look like they would have any issue with rekindling.

Back inside, Fitzsimmons determines that the technology may actually be alive. Ward comes in and let’s everyone know that the Peruvian Military Police have arrived, and that they need to hurry to figure out what it is before they decide to take over the operation. Not surprisingly, he directs yet another rude comment at Skye.

Agent Coulson and Comandante Reyes reminisce about the time they spent together on his last mission to Peru. She mentions to him about the possibility of the Peruvians retaining the device. As they begin to discuss a plan that would allow the situation to be resolved amicably, an explosion goes off behind them.

It would appear that the Rebels have found their location, and have mounted an attack.

Fitz tells Ward that they have to secure the O-8-4, and that it may be dangerous. Ward, and his insufferable impatience and lack of people skills forces him to act without thinking, and he rips the O-8-4 from the temple wall and places it in the duffle bag. You would think that Fitz is having a heart attack.

They load up the rest of their equipment and quickly exit the temple.

Coulson and Reyes work very seamlessly together to fight their way through the rebels. You can clearly tell that they have been in this situation before.

Ward draws his weapon and attempts to guide Fitzsimmons and Skye from the temple, but they are forced to retreat back inside. Suddenly, Agent Ward flies out of the temple with a metal spear-looking device in his hand. Coulson quickly tells the Comandante tell her men to get down.

Just then Ward slams the spear into the ground, and the top flies off of it, spinning in the air. Suddenly, the top explodes into a wave of blue energy that send every person still standing flying into the air before the unfortunately slam to the ground that followed.

Ward and May lead the rest of the team away from the temple, the O-8-4 included.

Still being pursued by the rebels, they decide to head to the airstrip.

Remotely, they open the ramp to the mobile command headquarters. They start making preparations to take off. Skye objects, telling Ward that Coulson is still out there. Just before the ramp is about to raise, Coulson comes walking aboard.

Now that they are in the air, Ward tells Fitz to explain to him what he was trying to tell him on the ground. Fitz begins to speak in his normal tech speak to which Ward tells him to speak English.

Fitz tells him that this 0-8-4 contains tesseract technology and is being fueled by a lethal amount of gamma radiation. He continues to say that this is the same technology that Hydra used to fight against Captain America in World War II. Ward asks if this means that the device is nuclear. Coulson responds ominously,

No. He’s saying it’s much, much worse.”

This is indeed very dangerous. All at once, the team slowly backs away from the O-8-4.

After radioing in to get clearance through restricted airspace, Coulson apologizes to May. He says that he knows that she didn’t want to see combat. At this point, she is stone cold ignoring him.

Do you need anything else before I go check on the device fueled by evil that is sitting in our cargo hold?” he says to resounding silence. “This was fun.” He says as he walks away.

In the lab, Simmons is examining the O-8-4 while nervously speaking to Skye. Agents Ward walks in with Fitz. The two are still arguing about what happened in the field and in regard to Fitz’ grasp of what Ward’s definition of English is.

Skye is just sitting in the background observing.

Coulson assures Reyes that he will get her and the rest of her team home safely.

Knowing that an object like the O-8-4 is now on board with them leads to higher than usual tensions. Agent Ward, Fitzsimmons, and Skye are arguing rather loudly when Coulson walks in. They prove that at this point, they are a team in name only, as none of them seem to trust each other very much. Coulson tells them in no uncertain terms to work it out between them.

After further examining the O-8-4 further, Fitzsimmons come to the realization that the O-8-4 may be even more dangerous than they thought in the first place.

Skye approaches Agent Ward with a peace offering. She feels that they need to sit down and share a drink and get on the same page. She goes on to talk about how the Peruvians are uniting together for the first time in decades. At the risk of seeing Agent Ward’s “hate face” as she calls it, she tells him that this is what the Rising Tide is all about.

Usually, one person doesn’t have the solution. But 100 people with 1% of the solution…that will get it done.” She says.

I think the two of them are finally starting to understand each other. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out whether or not this is a good thing.

Coulson is still showing Reyes around the ship. He can tell by the way that she is acting that she is definitely up to something. He says that from what he can remember, she was never this direct.

Agent Ward is surveying two of the guards that they brought on board with Reyes. I think he is getting the same feeling that Coulson is getting with Reyes.

Ward notices that the entire time the two of them have been playing cards; they have not touched their drinks.

Soon after, the attack begins.

One of Reyes’ men attach a device to the cockpit door that drills a hole right through it. A gas starts to fill the cockpit rendering May unconscious. Agent Ward takes up arms with the alcohol bottle that he got from Skye. He pushes her out of the way as he slams the bottle down on the hand of one of their would-be attackers.

In the lab, one of the men is holding Fitzsimmons prisoner. Another one grans Skye and uses her as a hostage. It looks as f the S.H.I.E.L.D. team has been incapacitated from all angles.

We were allies. We had history. When did you decide to throw that all away?” Coulson asks Reyes. “As soon as I saw your team.” She replies.

Now in charge of the plane, one of Reyes’ men starts to work on Coulson. Eh, he’s died once before. What is a little punch to the face going to do, right?

He tells Reyes that the only reason that they have left him alive is because they need him to verify the change of route for the pilot when he calls in, and that if he doesn’t that S.H.I.E.L.D. will blow the aircraft out of the sky, taking the O-8-4 with it.

Down in the cargo hold, every member of the team explains why this entire situation is their fault. Fitz feels like he should have learned Kung-Fu first. Simmons says that she shouldn’t have pushed him into the field. Ward thinks that it was his job to get everyone out safely. Skye says that if Melinda wasn’t stuck flying the plane that she could have use some of her “ninja moves” on these guys.

They ask a now conscious Melinda how they are going to get out of here. Fitz stresses how hard it is to think in tense situations. Ward tells him to take a breath. He says that he doesn’t have to come up with the solution, just a part of it, as he looks over at Skye.

Reyes tells Coulson that her government commissioned that weapon decades ago, and that after the fall of Hydra, many scientists followed the weapon.

The team seems to have come up with a plan to get out of this situation alive. The problem is, they are all still tied to the cargo bay door. In all of her badassery, Melinda breaks her wrist to get out of her restraints. As one of the guards passes by, Melinda drops down on him, swiftly taking him out.

Reyes tells Coulson that she think that he is having a mid-life crisis. He corrects her by saying it is more of an after-life crisis. She tells him that this is rooted in his desire to be needed. He tells her that his team doesn’t need him, that they need time. She tells him that time is not on their side. He agrees, but says that she gave them something better; a common enemy.

After they finalize their plan, Melinda gets into the SUV and drives it through the wall of the lab. They all work quickly to exact their portion of the plan.

The radio call comes in for verification of course. This is where we catch up to where we began.

Coulson responds, “Yeah, we’re all good. It’s gonna be blue skies from here on out.”

Fitz turns to Simmons and says,

Simmons, forget what I said before. This is the moment that we’ll regret.”

With that, he sends one of his drones to activate the O-8-4, and it sends a concentrated burst of energy, breaching the ship’s hull. One of Reyes’ men is sent flying out of the breach. Alarms sound off everywhere.

Ward finds a way to neutralize the targets blocking the rest of the team from the O-8-4. Once given the signal from Ward, they head out to locate it.

May busts into the cockpit and incapacitates the pilot in order to regain control of the plane.

Simmons locates the O-8-4 and removes it from the wall.

Skye unhooks herself, and Simmons screams to her that they need her help. Skye asks Simmons to trust her. She runs over to the overhead compartment and pulls the safety raft from the wall.

One of the assailants almost drags Ward out of the door. Just as Ward start to fly towards the breach in the hull, the raft inflates and block the breach, thus stopping the decompression. Ward is safe.

I love it when a good plan comes together. Well…almost.

Simmons says that the O-8-4 is stable, but they should get it to HQ as soon as possible.

After the dust settles down, and they are on their way back, Skye asks Coulson what it is that she signed up for.

I told you. A front row seat to the craziest show on Earth.” Coulson replies.

May and Ward are discussing Skye’s future with S.H.I.E.L.D. He says that she may still become an agent despite their objections. He says that with some intense work, they may be able to turn her into an asset. May tells him that if she wants to be a field agent, that she will need a supervising officer, someone who is good.

Ward agrees and says he’ll do it.

Coulson asks them whose idea it was to blow a hole in the door. Just as Skye is about to admit to the idea, Simmons jumps in and says that it was a team decision. Ward tells them that it was everyone’s idea. Coulson tells them good job.

The team looks on as the O-8-4 is launched into space.

Just when you think Skye is becoming one of the team, she gets a message from the Rising Tide asking her status. “I’m in.” she replies.

Ooh, I knew I smelled a rat somewhere. The question now is, who is she really working for?

Now, we see Director Fury giving Agent Coulson the what for. He says that in 6 days he has managed to take a completely renovated piece of technology and turned it into scrap. He demands that Coulson fix it exactly the way it was, and not to have Fitzsimmons make any modifications…like a fish tank. Well that was random.

Director Fury tells Coulson that Skye is a risk to which he replies, I know.

It looks like this season is going to get even more interesting than we originally imagined.

Here is a look at next week’s episode.

Make sure to check back next week as we take a look at Episode 3 which is entitled, ‘The Asset’.

Marvel’s Agents of SH.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

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