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Brandon Jennings fires back at Larry Sanders

Larry Sanders took some shots at his former teammate Brandon Jennings in regards to Jennings saying he has better big men in Detroit. He told the media that Jennings would have to pass to them first. Well, Jennings heard, and he has fired back, per the Detroit Free Press:

“I had to, I had to, though,” he said. “I mean, I had to take the shots. That’s just what it is. Me and Monta had to take those shots. Regardless for us to even get into the eighth spot in the playoffs, we had to take those shots. That’s just what it is.”

“I wasn’t taking shots at Milwaukee, but let’s be honest here,” Jennings said. “I got two of the best young big men in the league. I’m not going to sugarcoat it or say it any other way. If he feels like I wasn’t passing him the ball … (laughs). There’s times that that I had 20, 18, 19 assists in a game over there, so I was passing.

“Sometimes you gotta be able to finish.”

That last part was clearly a shot at Sanders. Jennings has been viewed as a guy who shoots a lot, and is inefficient. In Detroit, he has Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe, and Josh Smith in his front court. We will see if he really changes his game, but Larry Sanders is no scrub. The Bucks thought he was a franchise player, so they signed him to a 4 year deal worth 44 million dollars.

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