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WWE BattleGround: What May Happen Part 1


WWE Battleground is this Sunday and with the WWE title up for grabs, we can assume that the McMahon family will do their best to keep it out of the hands of Daniel Bryan. Randy Orton and Bryan will square off for the title this Sunday so expect the Shield to be lurking and Triple H to do the best he can to interfere in the match if need be.

Hey, we might even see Bryan’s fiancee Brie Bella might even get into the mix to distract Bryan with the title.

As we look at the Rhodes family, Cody Rhodes and Goldust will be in action as they take the WWE tag-team champions in Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to get their jobs back. If Rhodes and Goldust lose, they will never work in the WWE again. Oh, it does get better as if Rhodes and Goldust lose, their father Dusty Rhodes is fired from the WWE as well given the fact that he works in Florida at the WWE performance center training wrestlers.

I expect the Rhodes family to stick around. The family name is too legendary for them to leave.

In the World Heavyweight championship match, Rob Van Dam will go up against Alberto Del Rio in a hardcore match. Remember, Damien Sandow holds the money in the bank contract and I don’t expect him to interfere unless RVD wins the World Heavywight championship. Sandow in my opinion is not good enough to hold that contract for too long. I expect Sandow to get himself into the title picture this Sunday.


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