SNL live stream: Watch Miley Cyrus' performance online

Last weekend we were treated to the Saturday Night Live season 39 premiere with some brilliant host work from Tina Fey, but some awful musical entertainment from Arcade Fire. To make matters worse, NBC decided it would be a good idea to have a special Arcade Fire concert and we were subject to more of their shrills if we didn’t change the channel.

This week, NBC is throwing everyone a curveball by allowing Miley Cyrus to serve as both the guest host and musical guest as we prepare to expect the unexpected as she takes the stage.

In her promo, Miley was quick to take shots at herself for some of the publicity stunts she has done recently, so we could expect that to be a recurring theme throughout the night.

How can you catch the upcoming episode? Here is all of the information that you will need to catch this weekend’s potential trainwreck with none other than the one and only Miley Cyrus:

Date: Saturday, October 5th
Start Time: 11:30 p.m. ET
Guest Host: Miley Cyrus
Musical Guest: Miley Cyrus
TV Info: NBC
Live Stream: N/A

Video highlights and full episode replays will be available after the show airs on and HULU Plus if you would like to put yourself through the pain again.

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