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Miley Cyrus gets visit from 'Old Miley' during SNL opening

We expected Saturday Night Live to come out firing on all cylinders during the opening with guest host and musical performer Miley Cyrus and they did just that with an entertaining bit that poked fun at everything we had imagined.

Miley Cyrus was seen rocking her MTV Video Music Awards outfit that shocked the world earlier this year and apparently caused the end of the world as we know it, as we saw plenty of tongues sticking out and even an appearance from “Robin Thicke and Will Smith.”

Here is a video of Miley Cyrus meeting her “older self”:

During the opening, Miley Cyrus announced that there would be no twerking because “white people started doing it” and it is no longer cool to do.

She also discussed the upset mothers, turned on fathers and inventor of the giant foam finger as she let us know what would be going on throughout the remainder of the show.

This was just the opening and it was a success, so we will have to see what else will go down on tonight’s episode, which is the second of the show’s 39th season. Be sure to stay tuned.

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