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WWE BattleGround Results: Curtis Axel vs R-Truth (Intercontinental Championship)

Intercontinental Champion makes his way to the ring with his manager Paul Heyman followed by his opponent R-Truth.

Of course Truth comes out singing his entrance theme like he has for the last decade or so. The crowd’s totally into it.

Axel stands in the ring with a big smile on his face as he stares at the challenger. The ref holds the title over his head and calls for the bell. The match up is officially underway and both men lock up. Both men swing each other across the ring and eventually push away.

Truth delivers a strong right hand to the chin of the champion and hits a back elbow. He delivers another strong right hand to the head of Axel and slams his head off two turnbuckles.

The challenger unleashes a turnbuckle 10 count punch to the skull of the champion and delivers a hip toss followed by a two count. Axel doesn’t look like things are going to go his way as the challenger clotheslines him over the ropes and delivers a flying clothesline from the apron.

Truth taunts to the crowd and rolls him back into the ring. He pins him and picks a two count. The champion gains control of the match and unleashes a set of moves on the challenger. Truth comes back and delivers a couple of forearms to his face but catches a drop kick. The champion puts the challenger into a side headlock as he once again gains control of the match up.

The veteran catches the champion with his corkscrew kick to the back of his skull but the champion kicks out. Heyman stands at ringside, looking very very concerned with his young champion.

The champion catches R-Truth by dropping him throat first across the top rope, then hits his finishing move to retain his title.

WINNER: Curtis Axel

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