WWE BattleGround Results: Great Khali and Santino Marella vs The Real Americans

A match that was added last minute kicks off. Not sure why this wasn’t the kickoff fight but, anyways.

First man to make his way out to the ring is the giant himself The Great Khali followed by his tag team partner Santino Marella.

Finally the team of The Real Americans finally make their way out to the ring after saluting and charging the ring. They swing around these black flags, not sure what they say on them but, it was pretty weird.

The match starts off with Marella and Swagger in the ring. Both men lock up and Swagger locks Marella in a headlock. Marella takes a shoulder block as Swagger continues his annoying ‘We The People’ salute to Cesaro.

Swagger once again gets Marella into a headlock, but reverses it into a headlock of his own. Santino hits a shoulder block of his own then comes back with a body slam followed by a hip toss. He pulls out the Cobra and goes to strike but Swagger rolls out of the ring. Hornswoggle comes at him with his own little Cobra but Swagger rips the puppet.

Swagger delivers the Swaggerbomb to Santino followed by a leapfrog attack by Cesaro. This team is picking apart their challenger. Santino finally takes Khali who comes in and cleans house. Delivering elbow strikes to the side of Antonio’s head then a big chop that echo’s throughout the entire crowd. He follows him to the other side and hits another vicious chop to the chest that sends him to his knees.

He hits that big chop over the skull of Cesaro but the count gets broken up. Cesaro takes an elbow but takes out his knee. Cesaro grabs his legs and does the Giant Swing to Khali! He pins Khali and picks up the victory!

WINNERS: The Real Americans

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