Andrew Wiggins a member of the All-American Call of Duty Team

Everyone and their (respective) mothers already knows about Andrew Wiggins. The Kansas Jayhawks freshman is apparently going to be the greatest thing since sliced-bread. Leaving us with two important questions. What was the greatest thing before sliced-bread was invented and can he live up to the hype?

The answer to the latter is a resounding, we will see. It’s pretty unfair of us to build this buzz around Wiggins, then to only decide if he lived up to the other-worldly hype and expectations that we set forth for him to live up to. Still, if Wiggins is even remotely as talented as we think, well, college basketball is going to be a lot of fun.

That gets us to Wiggins dealing with the hype when there is nothing he can actually do about it. The whole period of college basketball season when games are not actually played.  Reportedly, Wiggins deals with his stress as any young person would — video games.

Nicole Auerbach of USA Today has a wonderful piece up about Andrew Wiggins dealing with the hype. But because at heart I am a childish buffoon, my biggest takeaway from the really good article is that Wiggins is a member of the elite All-American Call of Duty Team.

Rob Fulford, Wiggins’ high school coach, was quoted saying that exact same thing in Auerbach’s piece. Not only should this make him more endearing to you, but also make you realize why that story is a way more important story than a bench warmer being cleared to practice.

What, too soon?

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