SNL’s Jay Pharoah does a Shannon Sharpe impression (Video)

Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah is one of the best impressionists around. He has done all sorts of celebrities and now has turned his eyes towards former NFL tight end and current NFL analyst Shannon Sharpe. It is clearly one of his best, right up there with his impression of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

Pharoah highlights a lot of Sharpe’s twitches and how he talks. He leans and licks lips a lot as he points with his finger and using his hands a lot.

Pharoah as Sharpe is constantly trying to spell players names.

“Thats a K, to a A to a E, pernick,” he says spelling Colin Kaepernick’s name.

He also talks about how he has better chances to do absurd tasks than routine things like the 49ers not making the Super Bowl.

“Oh, they’re going to the Super Bowl.”

It is funny, but Pharoah has to be running out of people to impersonate, I don’t know who is next, but I can’t wait to see.

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