Fight breaks out in European basketball game, fans join in (Video)

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In Europe there was a routine basketball game going on in the Lithuanian Premier League between Juventus (the red team) and Lietuvos Rytas (the white team) when a brawl broke out. At the moment the fight began, Rytas was up 20 points with 55 seconds left in the first half.

A Juventus player, who I think is Ernestas Ežerskias, was falling out-of-bounds when he decided to do the old, I’m going to throw it off of you so it goes out-of-bounds and we retain possession trick. The Rytas player, who I think is Dovydas Redikas, didn’t appreciate being pegged like they were playing dodgeball and immediately charged at Ežerskias who had just regained his balance. Redikas immediately goes for Ežerskias’ face and starts punching away.

A Juventus teammate, who I think is Simonas Kymantas, comes running behind Redikas and hits him in the back of the head. The two initial players involved fall to the ground and Kymantas tries to stomp on Redikas while he is on the ground. At this point the teams have all joined in and are pushing and shoving as they separate themselves.

That is when the fans begin to file down from the stands. A security guard unsuccessfully tries to grab one of the fans charging the court. The Juventus mascot escorts Ežerskias and Kymantas to the tunnel as they’re ejected. Redikas was also ejected but no mascot escorted him to the tunnel.

Fortunately, it looks like no one was seriously harmed in the melee.

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