Sep 28, 2012; Waltham, MA, USA; The Boston Celtic logo on the hardwood floor during the media day at the Celtics training facility. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Former Boston Celtics star Antoine Walker has Twitter rant about lack of friends

There was a time, not that long ago where Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce were leading the Boston Celtics into the playoffs, becoming the toast of Beantown.

Okay, maybe it was a while ago, far too long apparently for Walker who took to social media recently to blast his so called ‘friends’, or rather, the lack of.

Walker, who famously blew through $100 million dollars was apparently upset that he wasn’t getting any love, venting on Twitter that nobody calls him back anymore.

Where are the friends at?

I remember when my phone never stop ringing …

Can’t even get a phone call back…

A few days earlier, Walker re-tweeted Jamal Crawford‘s following tweet:

Loyalty can’t be bought..

Clearly, Walker’s not in the best personal state of mind, at least in regards to his social relationships. Though, as many athletes and musicians have found out well before Walker, once the money and fame goes, so do many ‘friends’.

Hard not to feel bad for him, considering he felt the need to put it on public blast.

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  • Truth

    You are the idiots stalking his twitter feed. What does that say about you. He’s depressed because he thought his friends were real and I wonder how you would feel if your so called friends did that to you.

    He lost his money this doesn’t give you or anyone the right to be a dick about it. You’re pathetic.