Feb 26, 2012; Daytona Beach, FL, USA; Swimsuit model Kate Upton speaks at a press conference before the 2012 Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Hot Pockets commercial features Kate Upton, Snoop Dogg, Bow Wow, Biz Markie (Video)

I haven’t eaten a Hot Pocket is a good decade plus, though, the company (thanks to their new advertising agency) is doing their best to change that.

I’m not sure they’re going to be successful, but dammit, Kate Upton is pretty persuasive.

The new, nearly five minute spot features a handful of cameos, which outside of Miss Upton include Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, which breaks my Death Row loving heart), Bow Wow, Biz Markie (at least verbally) and Larry King.

The video starts out with Upton coming home after a night on the town, suggesting to her friend that ‘he’ is ‘just a friend’.

Hungry after her late night of partying, Upton begins to fall into a snack coma after chowing down on her new favorite hot pocket where she meets up with Snoop and Bow Wow chilling in a Hot Pocket kitchen in the sky.

No seriously – that’s what happens. The video continues on where the hip-hop artists start to battle rap with a butcher and Upton, dressed in a full wig, mimic’s Biz Markie’s ‘Just a Friend’ music video.

An iced-out Larry King wakes up Upton from her dream.

And yes, the commercial is just as epic as it sounds.

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