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Indiana Hoosiers fan selling Kentucky Wildcats tickets with a catch

Big Blue Madness is a special event. It is where fans of the Kentucky Wildcats can, you know, be all super pumped about having 29,348 All-Americans on their roster. It is also a very hard event to get inside. Luckily for Wildcats fans, though, a Indiana Hoosiers fan is more than happy to sell off four tickets that he has magically acquired.

Still, because fans are sometimes funny, there is a catch. As Justin Alberts of, first reported, that Kentucky fan might have to eat his or her pride just a little bit.

The tickets are on Ebay, for only $150 dollars, but the person purchasing the tickets will also have to purchase a picture of Christian Watford’s game-winning 3-pointer against Kentucky from 2011.

Just in case you don’t remember, here is the footage:

At this point I guess it comes down to priorities for the Kentucky fans interested in the tickets. Is eating some crow worth the four tickets or would you rather sit at home and be angry over nothing?

That’s easy for me to say, though, as I am still all types of bitter from that time my cousin beat me in one-on-one when we were eleven. Haven’t talked to that fickle jerkface since.


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