Johnny Manziel 'Money Dance' inspired t-shirts (Photo)

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has been throwing up his “show me the money” dance after big plays and touchdowns and now that money dance has been turned in to some products for fans to go out and buy.

The t-shirts, hoodies, phone covers and mugs are not in any way associated to the school,  but they do clearly copy the Aggies colors and bank on the Johnny Manziel name. It’s just the latest example of people taking advantage of amateur athletes that can’t make any money off of their own name, but you have to admit this gear is pretty cool.

Here is what you can expect from the Johnny Manziel money dance inspired gear:


If you’re not an A&M or Johnny Football fan, then you have no reason to consider buying something like this, but if you want to give a big middle finger to the NCAA or show your support of the nation’s bad boy quarterback, then go head and place an order. Just remember, you are feeding in to the asinine rules of the NCAA and giving money to some random individual that is exploiting and taking advantage of Manziel’s success.

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