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Katia Winter as Katrina Crane, Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane, Nicole Beharie as Lt. Abbie Mills, and Orlando Jones as Captain Frank Irving in the hit TV series 'Sleepy Hollow.' Photo Credit: Fox

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 4 Recap ‘The Lesser Key of Solomon’

In tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow we find Ichabod and Abbie on the hunt for Abbie’s sister Jenny, who in the previous episode inexplicably escaped from a secured psychiatric facility.

In the beginning, we take a step back in time to Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773. It would seem that they are in the thralls of the Boston Tea Party.

General Washington sent Ichabod and a group of men to the Boston harbor in search of a crate. When Ichabod is ordered to man the door, he sternly objects. The officer tells him that General Washington’s orders were clear. They are to recover the crate and return it and Ichabod.

When they approach the red coats, they demand that they turn over the cargo.

Suddenly, the red coat began to speak in an unknown language.

Oh, Mighty Lord of Death. By whom all things are set free, I cast myself utterly into thine arms, and place myself unreservedly under thy all powerful protection.”

With those final words, an explosion rang out from inside, sending Ichabod flying backwards.

We step back into the modern day, and hear Ichabod recounting a story of true love for the woman from Northstar who unlocked the vehicle for him.

Suddenly, he sees a white van speeding away from the psychiatric facility just as the alarms start to sound. Abbie comes running out telling him that Jenny has escaped. Hmm…I wonder who could have been at the wheel of that white van.

Captain Irving is on the scene now. Mills is asking for the Captain to call off the search for her sister and give her a head start so that the situation doesn’t escalate. She says that her sister had been in the facility for a year and a half and was set to be released in 6 months. Why would she risk everything without a good reason?

Abbie tells the captain that Jenny’s doctors would describe her as disciplined and methodical. She does not do random. The Captain fells that this is what makes her even scarier.

After some careful reasoning, and an acknowledgement of the sudden rash of unexplainable murders in Sleepy Hollow, Abbie stresses that Jenny may be able to help them get ahead of what is going on. The Captain tells her that she has 12 hours to find her sister, if not Jenny would be placed on a nationwide warrant.

And with that, the search for Jenny is on.

Jenny, wearing a dark hood and sunglasses is seen heading into a local bar. She takes a seat and the bartender pours her a shot. It would seem that the two of them know each other. She tells him that she needs her things, so he heads further behind the bar to retrieve them for her.

The bartender asks her for an explanation. She replies,

Remember when I told you this town was going to go straight to hell?” she asks. “I hate being right.” She says as she walks out of the bar.

Now, as the scene shifts, we see a boy playing the piano and an older man watching him. He exits the room when he receives a phone call. A robotic voice comes over the earpiece informing the man that Jennifer Mills has escaped. The man is ordered to find her and retrieve “Item 27.”

Well, this is getting interesting.

Suddenly, we see the man who received the mysterious phone call has found his way into the same bar that Jenny was at earlier in the evening. He tells the bartender that they are looking for someone who may have entered his establishment earlier, Jennifer Mills. The bartender tells the man that he has never heard of her before. The man outright calls him a liar, telling him that lies require commitment.

The bartender pulls out a rifle from behind the bar, cocks the weapon, and puts it in the mysterious man’s face. He tells him to leave his bar or that he will redecorate the walls with his face. Those sound like famous last words to me.

With little to no effort, the bartender is disarmed and yanked over the bar.

Then, we see the mysterious man going through a suitcase filled with what can only be described as tools explicitly used for torture. Two men accompanying him have the bartender pinned to the pool table with a pool stick to his neck.

The bartender tells him that she was indeed there. Even though he answered his question, the mysterious man still buried the weapon inside the bartender.

Back at the station, Mills is on the telephone seemingly getting nowhere in the search for her sister. Ichabod is going through Jenny’s file looking at all of her prior convictions.

He shows Abbie all of the foreign places that Jenny has been to in her travels.

After hanging up the phone, Abbie tells Ichabod a little more about her and Jenny’s past. She tells him that her father bailed on them when they were kids, and their mother had a nervous breakdown a few years later, so Jenny and her were left to foster care.

Ichabod discovers that when they were 12 years old, Abbie had one foster home while Jenny had 7. He points out that she resided in the last one for almost a full year, and suggests that they may have some information that would assist them.

In a bathroom stall at a truck stop, we see Jenny going through the stuff that she was given at the bar. Some of that included a passport and a very large amount of cash. Oh, and did I forget to mention 2 guns?

After an intense glare in the mirror, the scene shifts.

Now, we see Captain Irving heading into the bar. Morales is already on the scene. He updates the captain on the status. When the captain turns around, we see our dearly departed bartender suspended in the air, probably due to the large thing protruding from his chest, and relieved of his head.

The head in question, that was located on the pool table where he had been tortured, placed conveniently in the rack.

I’m guessing the mystery man and his goons were quite busy last night.

Irving tells the team that he wants this one completely off of the radar, and that he wants to know immediately when forensics has something.

Ichabod and Abbie have made their way to Jenny’s former foster family’s house. The mother tells Abbie that Jenny was always trouble, getting into trouble with her temper and other indiscretions. She said that maybe a little hard jail time would have done Jenny some good.

Abbie takes a good look around the woman’s house and notices multiple violations; everything from a child sleeping on the floor to signs of malnutrition.

The lady tells Abbie that she put a roof over Jenny’s head when no one else would, because no one wanted her.

Abbie tells that woman that either she tells them something of value or that she will rain legal brimstone all over her so hard it would make God jealous. You go, Abbie!

She tells Abbie that sometimes Jenny would take off to Trout Lake. Jenny told her that there was a cabin up there that belonged to a friend.

She wouldn’t give her any other details.

Together, Ichabod and Abbie head up to the lake in search of Jenny.

Abbie tries the door, but when it wouldn’t open, she begins to break into it.

Finally, she is inside. It doesn’t look as if anyone is there.

Ichabod comes across a painting that is clearly from the Revolutionary War. After looking around a little more, he comes to realize that the cabin by the lake belonged to Sheriff Corbin. There were pictures of the two of them on the mantle.

Suddenly, Jenny appears with a weapon drawn on Abbie and Ichabod.

Well…this is awkward.” Ichabod says as he looks upon the sisters with guns trained on each other.

Abbie tries to convince Jenny that she is here to help her. Abbie explains that the only reason that it is them who are at the cabin is because Abbie bought her some time, and that Jenny needed to trust her. Clearly, this is something Jenny is not open to.

Finally seeing enough of the fighting between the two sisters, Ichabod slams his hands on a table screaming “Enough!”

If your familial ties mean so little to you, you’d spend far less time effort baiting her into a fight just to stoke your misguided pride.” Ichabod says to Jenny.

Then he turns to Abbie.

And you…” he says. “Can you make some effort not to be such an easy target?” he says to Abbie as he demands that both of them drop their weapons.

Jenny tells them that she was working with Sheriff Corbin to obtain rare objects and dig for information. She explains that Corbin came to visit her the night before he died. She explained that he was out of sorts. He felt that something was coming for him. Jenny explained that when she asked him what he thought it was, his only answer was, death.

She said that he told her that if something happened to him, that he needed her to go to the cabin and retrieve something that he needed her to keep safe.

Jenny pulls a box out of a secret panel in the wall. In the box is a sextant. Along with the sextant is a branded piece of leather. Ichabod remembers seeing those markings before.

He explained that it was before the war in Boston. Ichabod explained that they had heard that the British were in search of a weapon that could have potentially turned the tide of the war in the favor of the British. He said they tracked the weapon to a ship in Boston harbor.

He explained that because the British import tax on tea was at an all-time high, he devised a diversion. Ichabod basically revealed that he invented the Boston Tea Party in an event to steal the weapon from the British.

He explains that the soldier guarding the weapon, the one we saw in the beginning of the episode, was a Hessian. Ichabod described how the Hessian had taken his own life in order to protect the weapon.

Ichabod was the only one spared.

He finally saw the chest that they were sent to retain. The markings on the chest matched that which was branded on the piece of leather.

Ichabod realized that the sextant wasn’t what it seemed. Rather than being used to chart sea travel, it was used as a projector. He turned a painting on the wall around so that the plain area on the backing would serve as a background, and then he placed the flashlight on the table behind the sextant. On the wall, was an in-depth map.

Ichabod shows the girls that the map contains the location of their mystery chest.

Just then, bullets rain in from outside the cabin. The mysterious man and his goons have found the cabin.

After a short firefight, two of the men flee, leaving the original on behind.

It appears that the ones who fled have taken the sextant with them.

They now have the mystery man tied to a chair inside of the cabin. Abbie attempts to interrogate the man, but he just sits in the chair silently. Jenny tries to encroach on the man, potentially to torture him, but she is cut off by Abbie. Ichabod separated the two of them.

Ichabod notices strange markings tattooed onto the man’s skin. Suddenly, Ichabod starts to speak in an unknown language.

The Mark of Reinhessen. Shadow Warriors. 5th Battalion.” Ichabod says.

He explains that this man is a Hessian Soldier.

Finally, the man starts to speak. He speaks of 72 demons mentioned in the book of revelations. Jenny realizes that he is speaking of the Lesser Key of Solomon.

Jenny explains that it is a legend that tells of a book of black magic written by King Solomon filled with rituals that could free 72 demons that he trapped in hell. She explains that the key was found 12 centuries laster by the Knights Templar during the Crusades. She explained that it was hidden away.

While the mystery man is explaining that their kind is completely integrated into society, and that they could be your neighbors, your friends, or anyone else for that matter, we see Captain Irving with a SWAT team invading the home of the mystery Hessian.

In the basement, they find all sorts of torture devices and body parts in jars and on display. The man tells them that they are everywhere.

Abbie says that every sleeper cell has a leader. He explains to her that they have already met his leader the demon in the woods. Now that they have the sextant, the gate will open and the spirits will be unleashed upo the world. Then, his task will be complete. Abbie demands to know who the demon is. “Moloch shall rise.” He says as he snaps a Cyanide pill hidden in  his mouth. The Hessian Soldier is dead.

Lt. Mills attempts to get a hold of Captain Irving before Jenny snatches the phone out of her hand. Jenny tells her that they cannot trust anyone, not even the police. There are more of them out there, and that they were able to track Jenny, so they could find the rest of them as well.

Jenny tells Abbie that she cannot hide behind her badge this time.

Again, Ichabod has to play the parent here as he asks the two of them to quiet down, as he is trying to concentrate. He has since removed the painting from the wall and sat it down on the table in front of him. He is drawing a map of the way that he remembered the city from 250 years ago.

They finally realize where the key is hidden and set out to find it.

The two men that fled from the cabin are seen entering an abandoned church. The find a stoned in fireplace, and one of the men examines it. They immediately start to take a hammer to it.

Ichabod, Jenny, and Abbie are speeding to locate the weapon.

It would seem that the men have located the chest in question. They drag it out onto the floor. One of the men lifts the rather heavy lid from the chest to reveal a book. The other man is dragging a pedestal. The first man retrieves the book from inside the chest and places it on the pedestal. He opens the book, and unwraps a rather large knife on top of it. He slices his hand and drips blood on the pages. Suddenly, writing appears on the once blank pages.

As written in Ars Goetia, the portal shall be opened, the key turned. In the name of MOLOCH.” The man speaks.

Suddenly, flames erupt from a brazier across the room. What looks like bubbling tar dances beneath the flames.The tar substance starts to overflow and fill the room.

So it begins.” He says.

Suddenly, a ring of flame envelops the tar-like substance. The voices of the damned begin to ring out as their souls attempt to escape the other realm. Abbie, Jenny, and Ichabod enter the church as all of this is going on.

Abbie orders the men to back away, but instead they grab the bloody knife from the pedestal and throw it at Abbie. Jenny opens fire on them. After regaining her composure, Abbie shoots one of them in the stomach.

One of the men attempts to grab Jenny and feed her to the souls attempting to escape; however, Ichabod comes to her rescue. Abbie takes the book. Just then, one of the men grabs Jenny from behind. He tells Abbie to drop the book or her sister dies. Of course, Jenny tells her not to do it.

Abbie closes the book, holds it over her head, and throws the book into the tarry substance. Quickly, the book is enveloped.The souls start to with and the flames begin to circle. Suddenly, everything disappears.

They left without a farewell. How impolite.” Ichabod says.

Back at the station, Jenny is handcuffed and sitting in the interrogation room. Abbie walks in and unlocks the handcuffs.

I never got a chance to ask. What’s with you and Prince William?” Jenny asks Abbie. “You remember how Mom used to drag us to Bible study?” Abbie asks. “How much do you remember in Revelations?” she continues.

Abbie speaks of the passage regarding the two witnesses. Jenny quotes to her Psalm 94:1.

Jenny remarks on how Abbie turns her back on everything and now she is chosen to fight the good fight. Abbie asks if she is going to continue to punish her forever. Abbie believes that this entire ordeal is her punishment for turning her back on her sister.

 I need you to know that I see who you really are, and I’m proud of you,” Abbie says to her.

She says that they are all the family that they have left, and that she can’t take back everything that she did, but she can try to make it right.

Abbie hands her paperwork that grants Abbie temporary conservatorship over Jenny and her affairs. If the court approves, Abbie can get Jenny free in less than 6 months.

Abbie tells her that she believes that they can work together to get some real answers.

Jenny tells Abbie that Corbin told her that one day Abbie would come back to her when she as ready, and that Jenny would need to find a way to forgive her. She admitted that she didn’t know if she could.

Abbie apologized that it took so long to find her.

After leaving the room, her and Ichabod duck into a meeting room so that they may speak in private. Ichabod explains to her that he believes that the Hessians final words may refer to Milton’s “Paradise Lost” in which Moloch is described as the god-demon of child sacrifice, and the one who led the revolt of demons against heaven.

This is the creature you saw in the forest, Miss Mills…the one who controls the Horseman, who guards Katrina, and now we know his name.” Ichabod says.

In the next episode, it looks as if the plot is going to thicken some more. They find a young child that looks as if he just stepped off of the Mayflower. The young boy carries a disease that no one can fully explain. Now, the disease is starting to spread like a plague. Can Ichabod and Abbie find out what is going on before it is too late?

He is a look at the trailer for Episode 5 of Sleepy Hollow.

Check back with us next week as we take a look at Episode 5, entitled ‘John Doe.’

Sleepy Hollow airs on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. on Fox.

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