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Pearl Jam's upcoming album is titled 'Lightning Bolt'

Stream Pearl Jam's 'Lightning Bolt', full album (Audio)

Pearl Jam doesn’t officially release their new album till October 15th, but you can listen to it now and stream the album, Lightning Bolt, now via iTunes. Some of the songs on the album were previously released as singles, in particular the tracks ‘Sirens’ and ‘Mind Your Manners.’ Lightning Bolt Track List: 1. “Getaway” 2. “Mind Your Manners” 3. “My Father’s Son” 4. “Sirens” 5. “Lightning Bolt” 6. “Infallible” 7. “Pendulum” 8. “Swallowed Whole” 9. “Let The Records Play” 10. “Sleeping By Myself” 11. “Yellow Moon” 12. “Future Days” Reviews of the album have been positive so far. From Entertainment Weekly:

Lightning Bolt hurls down a new, if unsurprising, preoccupation: mortality. Vedder wonders whether the bell tolls for him on the otherwise easygoing ”Sirens,” a piano-plunking ballad to rank with their classics, and human life itself seems to be ”tempting fate” on the album’s knotty, lovely centerpiece, ”Infallible.” That song is what every heal-the-world rock anthem should want to be when it grows up: profound enough not to pretend there’s a solution — or that life doesn’t go on. B+

From the New York Daily News:

4 Stars Pearl Jam reverts to type on its latest CD. While the band’s previous work, 2009’s “Backspacer,” peeled out with the leanest, fastest, and most positive-minded music of the group’s long career, “Lightning Bolt” works like a boomerang. Much of it has the thick-bottomed rhythms, hard-nosed guitars and darkened tone of classic Pearl Jam.

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