Victor Martinez home run caught by fans reaching over Josh Reddick (GIF)

The Detroit Tigers and Oakland Athletics squared off in the ALDS today. The Tigers came into the game down 2 games to 1 in the series and facing elimination.

The Tigers had designated hitter Victor Martinez at the plate down 4-3 in the seventh inning. He then hit a long deep ball that looked like it may or may not go over the wall. Oakland outfielder Josh Reddick was going back to the wall to make the catch and jumped into the air.

Fans reached over the railing to catch the ball over Reddick’s glove. It is reminiscent of New York Yankees fan, Jeffery Maier, and his catch in the 1996 ALCS with the Baltimore Orioles. The kid, Maier, did a better job holding onto the ball then these two however.

The umpires reviewed the play and decided that it was indeed a home run. It certainly looks questionable. Reddick may have caught it but it looks like he wouldn’t have been just short.


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  • 2close2detroit

    give that lady seasons tickets forever!!!!! Bartman in reverse!!!!

  • JRod

    Game-changing play, which should NEVER happen, in my opinion…the defense has to have a chance to make that play…it was potentially able to be caught…should have been reversed, and an out. Time to move the seats another row back to make sure it never happens again…

    • guest

      actually the key point is “would it have been a home run without the interference when a fan crosses the playing field” The umps looked at it and basically decided there wasn’t irrefutable evidence that it wouldn’t have been (In my opinion it would have hit the rail before his glove and therefore was a homerun). All that being said, that fan needs to be booted the second he interfered. He didn’t cost the tiger’s a big run b/c the rules gave the home run in spite of him. He still interfered and should be ejected.

      • JRod

        Actually, that wasn’t my key point at all. This should never even be an issue…that is my key point. Especially in the outfield where the ball is in fair territory, there should never be an opportunity for any fan to touch a ball before a player. To be honest, your opinion, my opinion, or the opinion of an umpire doesn’t or shouldn’t even be a consideration in a case like this. The fact remains that we will never know if he could have made that catch. I say he had a shot, you say he didn’t, and I believe in a case like this, there should be a hard rule that takes away the “opinions” of anyone…interference should be an automatic out.