Victor Martinez home run caught by fans reaching over Josh Reddick (GIF)

The Detroit Tigers and Oakland Athletics squared off in the ALDS today. The Tigers came into the game down 2 games to 1 in the series and facing elimination.

The Tigers had designated hitter Victor Martinez at the plate down 4-3 in the seventh inning. He then hit a long deep ball that looked like it may or may not go over the wall. Oakland outfielder Josh Reddick was going back to the wall to make the catch and jumped into the air.

Fans reached over the railing to catch the ball over Reddick’s glove. It is reminiscent of New York Yankees fan, Jeffery Maier, and his catch in the 1996 ALCS with the Baltimore Orioles. The kid, Maier, did a better job holding onto the ball then these two however.

The umpires reviewed the play and decided that it was indeed a home run. It certainly looks questionable. Reddick may have caught it but it looks like he wouldn’t have been just short.


[h/t] CJ Zero

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