Coolio cooks, performs acoustic version of ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ in random college dorm (Video)

Back in 1995, there may have been no song (at least from a hip-hop standpoint) larger than that of Coolio’s ‘Gangasta’s Paradise’. The hit, which featured West Coast crooner L.V. on the hook became the number one single in thirteen different countries and spent over three months alternating between the top two spots on Billboard’s Top 100.

Needless to say, it’s been the highlight of Coolio’s career and has continued to make work possible for the aging rapper, nearly two decades after its release.

Of course, with few hits after ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’, there wasn’t much left for Coolio to do so the rapper has been touring relatively small venues in recent years, say like at the University of Central Lancashire.

Out of the country and wanting to spend some time with fans, the platinum selling artist decided he’d head back to the dorm room of some unsuspecting fans where he gave them an impromptu, acoustic version of his famed hit.

As if that wasn’t enough, Coolio, who is well known for his love of cooking decided to cook everybody a meal after the session.

Talk about a pretty neat experience, even if it was with a rapper who’s been without much of a hit for the last ten years.

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