Kid asks Kyrie Irving if he is going to leave like LeBron James did (Video)

It looks like Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving was at a school answering questions from kids when he got one that wasn’t such a softball question.

The kid, with his question written on a piece of paper, asked him “are you going to leave us like, LeBron [James] left us?”

Kyrie Irving grabbed the mic quickly to respond and commended the boy for his question.

“That’s a great question,” Irving said.

Then he might have put himself in a hard spot.

“No, I won’t leave. I’m not leaving,” Irving says as the crowd applauds wildly.

You have to love Kyrie for his dedication to the city. He certainly is invested in Cleveland and has made an effort to get to know the community. When the opportunity comes for him to leave though, it might be a harder decision. Certainly he wouldn’t want to leave because he doesn’t like Cleveland, but like LeBron he could just be ready to pursue a championship or other opportunities elsewhere.

If Kyrie leaves there are going to be some heart-broken kids.

[h/t] Bleacher Report

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