Why it seems more games are releasing with season passes?

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There is a growing trend going on with new video games releasing right now and that would be season passes for their downloadable content. This is a way for gamers to have access to DLC as soon as it’s released and not having to worry about paying for it. The season pass allows you to have access to the content once it’s available.

The consumer is allowed to purchase the season pass usually once they pre-order a specific game, but you can get the pass after the game is released as well. The season pass is normally for games that have a multi player component in their game.

The way it works is that the game publisher will release dlc that’s part of the season pass and for most games this will include four different add-ons that elevates the multi player portion of the game.

The releases of the content are spread out over time and this gives people a chance to play them, while also giving developers more time to come up with new ideas for the dlc they want to create.

They do this to get gamers to play the multi player and also to bring in more money for their games. This works out great for a game that you enjoy playing, because the new content will only enhance your experience of playing that specific game.

However what if you bought the pass for a game that had a great single-player experience, but the multi player part of the game was less than stellar.

There are games where buying the season pass grants you access to exclusive items that are part of the multi player. It will be up to the individual to decide if it’s worth it.

There are a couple of games where the season pass works out great. One game that comes to mind is Call of Duty: Ghosts where for the game they will release map packs. This is great especially if you have a group of friends to play on line with.

Another game that has used this great is Borderlands 2. The fine folks at Gearbox Software have been supporting this game with healthy doses of new content since the release of the game.

The addition of having games with season passes came be great, provided the game has solid multi player that warrants someone spending their hard earned cash on it.






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