Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in Season 6 Episode 5 of 'Sons of Anarchy' entitled 'The Mad King.' Photo Credit: FX

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6 Episode 5 Recap ‘The Mad King’

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The boys of SAMCRO have seen a lot of carnage lately; everything from an inexplicable school shooting to the loss of 3 of their own. Tonight, one can only imagine that the rabbit hole that the MC has dove head first into is only going to get deeper and deeper. So sit back and relax as we take a look at tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy entitled ‘The Mad King.’

This week’s episode starts out on a really somber note. Just having lost two of their own at the hands of Galen and his goons, the club is on lockdown. All the women and children of the club are secured at the Clubhouse, while the men are out canvasing the city for the men responsible for the loss of their own.

One of the people hit hardest by this whole ordeal is Chucky. As most of you remember, Otto and Chucky were pretty close. In fact, Chucky wouldn’t be here today had it not been for Otto.

It looks like the MC Family is working together to get through this ordeal.

After waiting outside a warehouse all night long, Jax and Happy finally see some movement. A black SUV pulls in behind an open gate. One man emerges and goes inside, while the other stands watch, and lights a cigarette.

Jax and Happy pull up beside him, pull a weapon, and force him from the vehicle. After a smart remark from the Irishman, they knock him out and stage a way to incapacitate his friend. Jax hides out behind the door as Happy lays on the horn. Just when the guy opens the door to see what all the racket is, Jax ambushes him, pushing him back inside.

After an uneventful chase, Jax whips him with the gun, and forces him over a table.

I know you’re just doing your job, but we don’t need to make this any bloodier than it needs to be. Just tell me where Galen and Connor are.” Jax demands.

When he tells Jax that he doesn’t know where they are, Jax suddenly stabs him in the hand, more than likely pinning the man’s hand to the table. He screams in utter agony.

After twisting the blade into the man’s hand, Jax asks him,

How about now?”

He tells Jax that they are about to pick up Connor, but Galen is already gone, that he left yesterday. He tells Jax that they are to pick up Connor in an abandoned warehouse. Jax hands him a pen and tells him to write down the address where they are supposed to be picking up Connor.

Finally, the rest of the crew has arrived. Rat and Happy are busy tying the men down.

Jax tells Chibs, Tig, and Juice that they are supposed to be picking up Connor at a Beverage Supply Warehouse at 2:00 p.m. and that Galen has split, and they don’t know where.

The plan is for the MC to show up in the Irish crew’s SUV in an attempt to lure Connor out. Chibs is going to contact Belfast to see if they know where the supply house is.

Jax is off to deal with the Diosa business in Stockton. He tells Rat to ride with him.

It would seem that the DA wants to move fast in finding someone to hang for the school shooting. She pays a visit to Lt. Roosevelt at the station. She tells him that they need someone to pay for the four dead children from the school shooting. She impresses on him that she needs to him to find something that links Nero Padilla, the Byz-Lats, and the Sons together and will pin them for the gun that Matthew used in the shooting, thus ending a multitude of problems for her.

She tells Roosevelt that she plans to press Tara Knowles for information. She considers her to be bad until she does something good, and thinks that she can motivate her to do something good.

Just as Jax and Nero are about to leave to head to Collette’s house, Jax is approached by Tara. She tells him that she has to get out of there, and that she is terrified of Gemma. Even though nothing has happened, she feels that Gemma is still convinced that Tara is trying to take the boys away from her, and that she doesn’t trust her. She tells him that this is too much anxiety for being in her first trimester. (I still say that there is something fishy there, but I digress.)

He asks her what she wants him to do, but she can’t answer him. The two part ways, and Jax heads out to Collette’s with Nero. Gemma asks Tara if she needs anything; she declines.

After they pull out of Teller-Morrow, a black vehicle pulls out behind them; it’s Lt. Roosevelt driving. He follows them all the way to Collette’s.

On the ride over there, Nero asks Jax where he stands with the Irish. He explains to Jax that because of recent events, he is a part of the Sons’ “other business” now whether he likes it or not. Jax tells him that his main priority is the deal with Diosa. He says that this is what is going to enable them to end the violence.

Nero asks Jax if he thinks the Irish had anything to do with Erin’s murder. Jax says that if the Irish wanted to kill someone close, it would have been family.

That’s comforting.” Nero says.

Jax promised that even though it doesn’t look like it right now, he is going to make this work. Nero tells him that all he is looking for is a little disclosure.

You don’t have to give me no details, just tell me when to duck.” Nero says. “Fair enough, I’ll let you know.” Jax replies. “Plus, I’m letting you tap my Mom, that’s gotta be worth something.” Jax smiles. “I’m gonna pretend I didn’t even hear that.” Nero replies.

Finally, they pull up outside Collette’s house. Roosevelt is parked across the street with a perfect view of the house.

On the inside, the inspector is going over the business. Collette takes them to meet the inspector.

On the outside, Barosky pulls up and sees Roosevelt watching the house.

He asks Roosevelt why he is watching the house. Of course, Roosevelt gives him nothing. Barosky tells him that he’ll call a few friends out to help as long as he doesn’t mind telling the Captain why he is staking out his jurisdiction. Roosevelt tells him that he has seen all he needs, rolls up the window, and drives away.

Barosky walks in and finds Jax, Nero, and Collette in the meeting with the Inspector. Jax and Nero break off to talk with Barosky.

Either of you know a thick, black Sheriff?” Barosky asks.

When Jax tells him yes, tells him that he just found him outside casing the house, and that he just shooed him away. He asks if anyone would like to tell him why he is there.

They go outside to talk further.

Barosky is worried about the kind of trouble that this could bring and that he maintains a very delicate balance in this operation. In order to ease his mind, they offer Barosky to come out to Diosa later that afternoon, and they’ll show him the entire operation. He agrees.

Just then, the rest of the club pulls up, and Jax tells them that he has to go. He leaves Nero to finish up with Collette and the inspector.

As Jax walks away, Barosky tells Nero that he hopes he knows what he’s doing.

Back at Teller-Morrow, Unser is playing with the boys while Tara is on the phone. When his side starts to bother him, she tells him that he shouldn’t be exerting himself. She orders him to sit down. She inspects his wound to make sure that he didn’t pull his stitches.

Unser mentions the conversation that he walked in on the day before. He says that it all looked pretty hush hush and that obviously she doesn’t want “the Queen” to know. He asks her if it is an exit strategy.

It’s best you don’t know, Wayne.” She responds.

He asks her if she needs any help.

And if I say yes?” she asks. “Then I’d say I need to know all the facts.” He replies.

He tells her to think it over.

The club now has the warehouse staked out. Connor has emerged from the building on his phone and is heading for the black SUV.

Connor waves for the SUV to come in, but when they don’t move, he realizes that it is a set up. Chibs speeds inside the gate in pursuit of Connor.

As Connor retreats into the building, two of his men start firing on them. Chibs and Tig make their way inside to follow him.

Connor makes his way out the back of the building, but as soon as he looks out into the alleyway, he sees a van come bursting through the gates. That would be Happy and Juice chasing him down. Connor dives through a window in an attempt to not get ran over.

Just when Connor thinks has escaped, Jax comes barreling through the wall into a huge pile of beer cases, sending them flying into Connor, incapacitating him.

Tig and Happy help Connor to his feet.

Jeez, another fine Irish man brought down by the bottle.” Chibs says.

Tig tells Jax that he found the guns that the Irish took from them in the storage room in the back. Chibs tells Jax that a guy got away, and that he is no doubt in contact with Galen by now.

Back in Prison, we see Clay and his new cellmate Tyson. The inmate pushing the book cart asks Tyson if he needs anything. He says no. Then, he asks Clay. He says sure. The inmate hands him a book and tells him that he thinks he’ll like this one.

“It gets real good around page 47.” He says as he hands Clay the book.

The book is entitled, “The Mad King.” Clay opens the book to page 47 to find a note.

Jax orders the crew to take the gag off of Connor. Jax takes Connor’s cell phone out of his pocket and asks him how to contact the Kings.

I’m pretty sure the number is not listed.” Connor says.

Jax tells him that his reaching out is about making peace, and that he has every intention of putting him on a plan to Belfast. Allowing him to give the bracelet to whoever is supposed to get it.

Jax uses Connor’s phone to contact the Kings. Jax tells them that he will let all of their men go as soon as he receives certain assurances. He tells them about Galen and that he informed Galen about his plan to get out of guns. They tell Jax that Galen told them that it was all false promises.

Jax tells them that he didn’t break his end of the deal, that he told Galen that he needed time to make it all work; however, Galen doesn’t want it to work. When they ask why, Jax tells them that Galen and Clay go back over 20 years and have done things together that neither organization knows anything about. They have secrets to protect.

He tells them that Galen hates that Jax is at the head of the table, and that Galen is undermining their cause in order to hurt Jax and the club. They ask him for the truth. Jax tells them that Clay is an unreliable source, and that his days in Stockton are numbered. He offers them a connection with August Marks. He tells them that Marks can triple their production, and that he’ll be good for the cause. They tell him that they need to talk with the others and that they will call him on that phone when they have made their decision.

They man at the head of the table says that they have lost 4 distributors in 6 cities in the last year, and that they cannot afford to lose Northern California. Galen, who is sitting at the end of the table assures him that they won’t. He tells them that Marks won’t help the business.

He assures them that Clay is still their connection to Northern Cali. Galen swears that any deal he has made with Clay has cleared the table. They ask Galen if Clay will be able to do the job from the inside. Galen tells him that he won’t have to; that he has already set up other protection and transport there. He assures them that the deal with Clay will be done by the end of the day.

Gemma and Unser surprise Wendy at work. She quickly puts on a scarf to hide the non-existent bruise on her neck. Gemma comes in to talk to her, and Unser goes to wait in the car. Wendy asks her what is going on. She tells her that they are in lockdown, and that the Irish killed two of their guys.

Gemma is afraid that this is going to send Tara’s exit strategy into high gear. Wendy asks her what she is going to do. Gemma tells her that she is going to bring her a copy of the will that Tara has been drawing up, and she is going to show it to Jax to show him just what she has been doing.

Wendy acted as if she was unaware that Jax didn’t know what was going on. Gemma says that she isn’t going to say anything unless she has proof.

Before she leaves, Gemma says that she was cleaning out some drawers and found some of Abel’s old baby pictures. She figured that Wendy didn’t have any, so she brought them to her.

Wendy asks Gemma why she is being so nice to her. She tells her that all the drama going on with Tara, and how she doesn’t like it. She tells her that she thinks about the time before Tara showed up. She says that she really loved her, and that she was a good fit for Jax. Gemma tells her to keep doing what she is doing, and hugs her.

Looking at some of Abel’s old baby pictures seems to have her thinking about what her role in this whole mess really is.

When Jax and Chibs pull up, Juice is on the phone with someone. After he hangs up, he tells Jax that he just got off the phone with Clay’s lawyer, and that a conjugal visit between him and Gemma has been scheduled, and that she should bring $500 cash with her.

They realize that this was done for a reason, because the State is not allowed to wire a conjugal visit.

Nero goes to the police station to see Roosevelt. He wants to know why he is still a suspect in Erin’s murder. He asks him to either charge him or back off of him.

Roosevelt tells him that the DA knows that the gun used in the school shooting is linked to the Sons. Nero asks him if the curiosity is really about the MC and not about Erin’s murder. Roosevelt tells him that depends on the DNA results, and that he should have them back in a few hours.

Nero tells him where he will be for the rest of the day.

Now, we see Lowen and Tara having a conversation. Lowen tells Tara that Toric’s murder hurts their case. Tara disagrees and says that this should show that Otto was a psychopath. Lowen tells her that it is just the opposite, and that she knows that he was on the DA’s payroll looking for leads in the school shooting.

She says that if that is the case, then Otto killing Toric looks like an organized move. Out I the hallway, Rat is talking to a woman, when Wendy goes storming past him. Looks like he wasn’t guarding the room very well. She opens the door to see Tara and Lowen talking.

Wendy tells Tara that she needs to talk to her alone. Everyone clears out so that they can have privacy.

Tara tells her that she can’t just come by unannounced like this and that Rat is going to tell Jax that she was here. Wendy tells her that she can’t do this anymore. She says that she can’t keep lying to everyone. Tara tells her that she needs to think of the greater good. Tara tells her that they need to get the boys away from Gemma and the MC. Wendy tells her that there has to be another way, to which Tara shouts, “There’s not!”

Tara tells her that she has to face the reality that she may be going to jail, and that the only way she can do that is knowing that her son is out of danger; Wendy’s son. Yeah, she pulled that card out on her.

Wendy tells her that she wants to spend time with Abel, and that she doesn’t care what Tara has to tell them. Tara says that can do that.

Gemma shows up at the prison for her “conjugal” visit with Clay. She leaves her purse with Chibs and goes inside. The guard tells her that she has 2 minutes.

They get straight to the point.

Clay tells Gemma that the Irish reached out to him. Gemma tells Clay that Galen killed Phil and V-Lin two days ago, chopping them into pieces. She says that Jax is attempting to broker them into peace. Clay tells her that Marks wants to back the MC out of guns.

Clay says that the Kings have issues working with people of a different color, and that Galen reached out to him to let him know that the offer for him to be their distributor is still on the table. He says that they plan to spring him from jail and transport him to his hearing in two weeks.

She asks him what he is to do then.

He tells her that he goes underground and puts together a crew, go to Northern Ireland and run all things in Belfast. Gemma seems uneasy. She asks what that means for the club. He says that it means that they don’t like the offer, and that they are planning to shit the MC out.

This can’t possibly be a good thing.

He tells her to ask Jax what he wants him to do. She agrees. When she goes to leave, she bangs on the door to be let out. Two guards come barreling in and tell them that a conjugal is a conjugal and that they aren’t finished there.

Gemma tells him that it isn’t going to happen. The guard tells them that there are only two ways that this is going to play out, either they have sex while they watch, or he’ll watch as the other guard does.

When Clay doesn’t make a move towards Gemma, the other guard does. Clay shoves him into the wall and tells him that if he touches Gemma that he will cut his heart out. When they start to beat on Clay, she intervenes. She slowly starts to undress Clay.

At the same time, the guards start to undo their pants. They start directing their sex like some sort of porn director. Clay whispers how sorry he is to her.

When we come back from commercial, it seems that the deed is done. Gemma is getting dressed in the corner. Clay says that he is going to kill both of the guards.

No you’re not. Jax needs you.” Gemma says.

When she leaves, she is followed out by the guard. He tells her that if she talks, Clay will die.

Chibs asks her if she is ok. She tells him to just get her out of there. He can tell that everything is far from fine.

Barosky, Collette, Jax and Nero are in a meeting. Barosky is freaking out over the heat that this whole situation is bringing down on his operation. He says that he has done some digging, and that the DA is determined to tie the school shooting the MC and Nero’s gang.

Collette asks what this all has to do with her house. Barosky yells at her to shut up. Jax tells him that she is not one of his street whores. The two begin to argue before Nero interjects.

Nero says that he did a little digging too, and that they don’t have anything.

Jax  tells Barosky that if they stopped doing business every time that the PD went after them for a crime that they would never earn a dime. Jax asks him to allow them to move forward, and that if the heat gets any worse, they will pull out of Stockton. Barosky tells him that this had better not blow up in his face.

Jax asks Gemma if she talked to Clay. Chibs tells him that he will fill him in. They move to another room to talk.

Chibs grans Jax by the shirt, slams him into a shelving unit, and asks him if he is out of his mind.

Offering the Kings black as a partner? Jesus Christ!” Chibs yells.

He explains to Jax what kind of an offense this is. (Let’s just say it’s not pretty.)

You wanna tell me what Clay said?” Jax asks.

Chibs tells him that the Irish reached out to Clay and that they want him to run point on distribution. Chibs tells him that he cannot run this club on his own. Jax tells him that August made the offer. Jax said that he floated it to the Irish as an option. Chibs says that he could have told him how deep this hatred runs.

“Do you trust me, Jackie? Do you trust any of us? Cause it’s not just your club.” Chibs says. “It may not be anyone’s club for much longer.” Jax replies.

Chibs advises him not to give up Clay, that he may be their only way into them. “Alright,” Jax replies.

He then picks up the phone and calls the Kings to ask them if they have made a decision. He says that they still need to discuss it with a few people. He tells him that he will call him by 8:00 p.m. Cali time. He tells him not to use that phone anymore as it is traceable by now. He asks if they still keep burners at the clubhouse.

Jax tells him that he will text him the number. They tell Jax that he will call Jax with their answer and conditions. He says that they will need to vote on it right away. Jax tells him that he will make sure he has a full table.

When Nero shows up at Diosa, Gemma is waiting for him. When he asks her what is wrong, she tells him that she is just tired and asks him if he would drive her back to TM.

On the way out, she tells him that she needs to tell him something. She says that she doesn’t want to keep things from him.

Back at the station, the deputy gives Lt. Roosevelt the DNA results from Nero’s truck. He tells the deputy that he will meet him outside.

At the clubhouse, Jax is sitting at the head of the table. Chibs tells him that he brought everyone up to speed. Jax thanks him.

As the episode comes to a close, we see Tara with the boys. When Thomas starts to cry, she takes him out of the room as to not wake Abel. She closes the door behind her.

Then, we see Gemma and Nero pull into TM. He is clearly upset. She asks him if he is going to be ok with this. He tells her that he will try. She makes him promise that he won’t take it to Jax.

Before he can answer, the Sheriff pulls in.

Inside, Jax asks what time it is. Juice tells him that it is 2 minutes until 8. Jax ordered everyone to the table so that they can take the phone call from the Irish.

Jax sees an odd pen on the table. He asks Chucky if he knows where it came from. Chucky tells him that a delivery guy left it a few hours ago. Did I forget to mention that it was a Shamrock pen?

Jax asks him what delivery. On the floor near Chucky, we see a keg of beer on the ground. All of a sudden, everything clicks in Jax and Chibs’ head.

Jax orders everyone out of the clubhouse. He sees Tara, who hesitates. He tells her to get out, she says she can’t because Abel is in bed. Jax runs back into the bedroom to get Abel out of bed.

Just as Jax, Chibs, and Abel make it out of the front door, a massive explosion goes off, knocking them to the ground. The entire clubhouse is gone.

I think Jax just realized how large this threat from the Irish really is.

Now, Tara is more reaffirmed than ever that her boys are not remaining in Charming should anything happen to her. Jax is ready to go to all out ear with the Irish. This is going to get way worse before it gets better.

You would think that at a time like this, Tara would want to stand by Jax, but it seems like that couldn’t be any further from the truth. All of the lying and scheming isn’t going to bode well for anyone; specially Tara. If there is one thing Tara should know by now, it is that you don’t mess with Jax’s sons.

Here is a peek at next week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy.

Make sure to check back with us next week as we take a look at Episode 6, entitled ‘Salvage.’

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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