What does SteamOS mean for next-gen gaming?


There are two next-gen consoles coming out this holiday season with the PS4 and Xbox One. Sony and Microsoft are getting ready to prepare those devices for launch, but that is not the only thing on their mind.

They are also keeping a close eye on SteamOS. Valve made an announcement about this two weeks ago and it’s a way they can bring Steam to the living room of consumers. This is designed to be a free operating system that will give users access to thousands of games in the Steam catalog.

This was also the first of three announcements with the other two talking about them releasing a new hardware device called Steam Machines and a new controller named Steam Controller.

When they first made the announcement of the SteamOS it probably got many people thinking that this was their way of introducing Half-Life 3. It had me thinking you would need this operating system to run Half-Life 3.

However they decided to announce software instead and it does seem somewhat strange that they would introduce this now.

The one thing that people would probably want to know is that they are at least working on a new Half-Life game. They could just have that game be included with SteamOS and then people would be hooked already.

The way this could impact next-gen consoles is not known yet, because Valve has not talked about the specifics of the hardware. However the operating system could cause many gamers to use that service instead of the new consoles that will come out.

There is a huge list of popular games available on Steam already and they plan to add more titles in the future.

The potential is there for Valve to innovate the way we play games and it will be interesting to see what they do with the operating system and the hardware.





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