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UFC Fight Night 29 results: Dong Hyun Kim stuns Erick Silva with huge KO

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Hopefully this fight will be better than the last two. Erick Silva faces Dong Hyun Kim in the Welterweight co-main event. Silva is coming off a nice submission victory over Jason High. The UFC definitely has high hopes for Silva as he is a fast-rising prospect. A win over Kim would solidify him among the best in the division. Kim is on a two fight win streak over Paulo Thiago and Siyar Bahadurzada and looks to continue the trend tonight. Will Kim be able to out grapple the Brazilian? Or will Silva outstrike Kim?

Round 1- Silva begins with a beautiful spinning elbow. Kim is in on the leg and Silva is defending well, and gets away. Kim again goes for the takedown very aggressively, but can not get it. Silva with a huge knee to the body, an uppercut and right hook are right behind it. Kim pushes Silva up on the fence and misses on a spinning back fist for the second time. More knees from Silva and Kim is just winging punches and missing. Erick Silva falls and Kim takes his back and then into mount! Wow, incredible display by Kim. Kim is not really doing much on top and moves Silva up against the cage. Silva gets it back to half guard and almost hits the sweep. Silva attacks the leg, but Kim scrambles back into half guard. Kim is working on the kimura and lands a few nice hammerfists as he lets go. Silva again has the leg, but the round ends before he can do anything. 10-9 Kim for the control on the bottom, but it was close because his striking was awful.

Round 2- Huge right hook lands for Silva, and he is attacking! Lands a flying knee and then a left hook floors Kim. Kim gets up quickly and pushes Silva against the fence. Back in the center now Kim misses on a front kick. Silva is getting slippier now, and Kim can’t grab him. Silva with a nice jab and misses on a huge right hand. He lands a nice knee to Kim’s body. Kim is breathing heavy now. Huge leg kick by Silva. Spinning elbow just misses. Nice jab, uppercut, and a miss on a right hook from Silva. Silva is about to take Kim down, but a blatant fence grab by Kim stops the takedown! Back to the center, without even a warning from the ref. Kim LANDS A HUGE LEFT OUT OF NOWHERE AND ERICK SILVA IS OUT! WOW! Dong Hyun Kim wins by KO round 2. Have to think what happens if Silva gets the takedown because the fence grab by Kim totally prevented it.

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