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UFC Fight Night 29 results: Thiago Silva wins decision in lackluster fight

The next fight of the evening will be Thiago Silva vs Matt Hamill. Thiago missed weight yesterday, and forfeited 25% of his purse and will not be eligible for any post-fight bonuses. This is coming off an already rocky three years in which he failed two drug tests and was suspended. Thiago really needs to have an impressive showing in order to keep his job tonight. Matt Hamill came out of retirement and defeated Roger Hollett. Will Hamill be able to control Silva with his wrestling, or can Silva land a shot and put Hamill to sleep?

Round 1- Matt Hamill with a quick takedown but Silva gets right back to his feet. Silva stuffs the next takedown and throws a big knee to the body. Right hand by Silva hurts Hamill. Big leg kick for Silva and the crowd is chanting his name. Body shot from Hamill, but he eats and uppercut and an overhand right. Hamill can not strike with Silva. Silva with another big leg kick. Silva is really looking for the overhand right. Nice jab by Silva, and Hamill throws a nice body shot. Thiago returns the favor. Shocked Hamill has not gone back for a takedown. Liver shot from Hamill. Another outside leg kick for Silva, 2,3 and he is just peppering his leg. Hamill with a nice combination, but Silva’s punches are much heavier and landing more. 10-9 for Silva. Stuffed a takedown and had very effective striking.

Round 2- Hamill floors Silva with a leg kick of his own. Spinning elbow misses for Hamill. Hamill with two nice jabs. Thiago is only throwing bombs and gets taken down, but gets right back up again. Another leg kick by Silva, and another. Body shot from Hamill, and a counter right from Silva. Another 2 leg kicks. And again. Hamill’s leg has to be battered. More body shots from Hamill. A stinging jab lands for Silva. Silva is slowing down significantly. Body shots and a body kick from Silva. This fight is not very exciting. The pace has slowed immensely. And as a say that a HUGE RIGHT lands for Thiago and he almost finishes Hamill. Silva has the back, but Hamill gets up. Crowd goes from boos to chanting “THIAGO!”. Another leg kick from Silva. Hamill is eating some heavy shots by Thiago now. Hamill somehow gets the takedown when he is completely dazed, but against Thiago gets to his feet. Hamill gets him down again and throws some weak punches to end the round. 10-9 Thiago Silva for the heavy punches and almost finishing the fight.

Round 3- Silva back to the leg kicks, sprawls a takedown and gets Hamill’s back. Another leg kick from Silva, and Matt is limping now. More leg kicks from Thiago and again he stuffs a takedown. This pace is even worse than the last round. Hamill pokes Thiago in the eye and the fight is stopped for a minute. Back to action, and another leg kick from Silva. How Hamill is able to walk is astonishing. This fight is just not very good. Just a lot of leg kicks and Hamill limping around the ring. Another Hamill takedown is easily stuffed by Silva. Big knee by Silva, and I am not sure how Matt Hamill is standing.Another knee and Matt is out on his feet. Hamill is completely out of it with 40 seconds to go. That ending was horrible. Hamill was completely done and Silva was just destroying his leg. I thought it should have been stopped. Regardless, Thiago silva wins the round and the fight easily in my opinion.

Official Decision: Thiago Silva wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-27)

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