Could Bill Goldberg returning to the WWE for one final run?


Bill Goldberg, a former National League Football player turned professional wrestler could possibly be returning to the WWE.

Of course the man would be under a legends contract. WWE just released a Blu Ray/DVD set for Goldberg titled ‘Goldberg – The Ultimate Collection’ which features highlights and matches of the professional wrestling veteran.

There’s no doubt that one day this man will be in the WWE Hall of Fame as he had one of the longest winning streaks in the WCW after he first debuted against Hugh Morrus back in 1997. Right now the fuss about Goldberg surrounds current WWE Superstar Ryback.

Whenever Ryback is out in the ring, he’s always picking up some ‘Goldberg’ chants. Which we all know why he would get that type of reaction.  I mean, the guy’s bald and is a heavy weight power house just like Goldberg was when he was lacing up his boots.

Some have called Ryback, Goldberg in RVD attire, which is pretty true. Now if Goldberg were to return, it wouldn’t be until maybe January and he’d work through WrestleMania. Almost every WWE Superstar from the past comes back for one more run, even if it’s just to appear on camera for a little while.

Would I like to see Goldberg back? Yes I would. So what about the rest of you fans, would you love to see Goldberg back in the WWE?

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  • the truth

    ryback is better than goldberg

    • jmvw4l

      NO way Goldberg what put ryback down, ryback is a crybaby and if Cena can beat ryback, then Goldberg will destroy him.

      • Warren Campbell

        very true GOLDBERG BEST IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!

    • Warren Campbell

      cryback is a goldberg wanabe cryback is boring and a cry baby goldberg would destroy cryback

  • Warren Campbell

    yes i would love to see goldberg come back after all goldberg is the best in the world 173- 0

    • David Hodder

      No he aint he lost the title to kevin nash b-4 worlds crappiest wrestling went down the toilet