‘Star Wars’ Original 1976 Trailer Resurfaces

Star Wars Logo Credit: Lucasfilm

Star Wars Logo
Credit: Lucasfilm

Yesterday, the official Star Wars YouTube page released a teaser trailer from 1976 previewing the original Star Wars film.

Things have really changed over the years!

First of all, this trailer doesn’t open with the typical ‘A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.’ Oh, no. This one begins with a simplistic,

“Somewhere in space, this may all be happening right now.”

The film was originally billed as a story about ‘a boy, a girl, and a universe.’ It was also referred to as a ‘big, sprawling space saga of rebellion and romance.’  Which, when you think about it is kind of creepy knowing what we know now.

This would lead people to believe that there is a romance brewing between Luke and Leia, which I guess for a while there, there was. However, when you look back now and think about it, knowing that they are actually brother and sister makes that assertion just downright creepy.

However, I digress.

I have always loved going back and watching trailers from older movies like the original Star Wars. It really gives you a perspective on how much technology has advanced over the years, and how much harder it was for filmmakers like George Lucas to give us the illusion of fantasy and space travel with so little at their disposal.

Do you think that in 1976, Twentieth Century Fox had any idea what they had their hands on? Do you think that anyone, even the Father of the Force himself, knew what kind of a juggernaut that this franchise would ultimately become?

It really is amazing to think about.

Here is a look at the trailer that started it all.

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