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Two Ex-Navy football players face court-martial


ESPN is reporting that two midshipmen, both former Navy football players, will face a court-martial for an alleged sexual assault at an off-campus party. A third midshipmen will not be court-martialed, according to a U.S. Naval academy superintendent.

Vice Adm. Michael Miller referred the cases of Eric Graham (Eight Mile, Alabama) and Joshua Tate (Nashville, Tennessee) for court-martial.

The Naval academy said, per ESPN:

We are committed to a thorough and fair conduct system and investigative process, and the Naval Academy will meet the highest standards, operate consistent with the law, and expeditiously investigate every report of unwanted sexual contact, sexual harassment and sexual assault

Graham has been charged abusive sexual contact, while Tate faces a charge of aggravated sexual assault. Both have also been accused of falsifying official documents.

The alleged assault happened on April 2012 at a “Toga and Yoga” party at an off-campus house used by the football team. The alleged victim, also a midshipman, was drinking that night and does not remember being assaulted, but learned of what happened from others.

Initially, the alleged victim did no wish to press charges, but the decided to cooperate, and the case was reopened in January.

A third suspect, Tra’ves Bush, will not face a court-martial.


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