Arizona Wildcats wave 'PUNT' flag on the sidelines during loss to USC (GIF)

Nov 5, 2011; Tucson, AZ, USA; The Arizona Wildcats mascot, WIlbur runs on to the field with a flag prior to a game against the Utah Utes at Arizona Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Chris Morrison-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a not lot more irritating than watching your favorite football team (be it NCAA or NFL) run a play on third down and fall well short of the first down marker. Even worse is when players have a momentary lapse and forget it’s third down, so instead of fighting for a first down they run out of bounds or don’t stretch for that extra inch.

It’s something that University of Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez apparently finds disgust in as well considering what we saw on the sidelines during their loss to USC.

On most (if not all) third downs that the Wildcats faced, if the camera was positioned correctly, you could see a flag waving at the bottom of your screen. What did the flag say, exactly? One word. Punt, all in capitalized font.

Essentially, to my best guess, it was simply nothing more than a warning flag to remind players that it was third down as the flag only appeared when the Wildcats were faced with a third down scenario.

Which makes it incredibly awesome and tragic at the same time.

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