Katy Perry gives Bruce Willis some advice about hosting Saturday Night Live.

Katy Perry flashes Bruce Willis in new Saturday Night Live promo (Video)

Action movie star Bruce Willis is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. Katy Perry is also dropping by as the musical guest for the episode. Perry tried to give Bruce some friendly advice about hosting the show.

“Well, my hosting tip number one,” Katy Perry said, “show some skin.”

She then pulls back her jacket to reveal her chest in some kind of sports bra like top. Willis responds like most men at first, by simply taking the opportunity and invitation to stare and soak it all in. Then he bends over a little bit and rubs his bald head to show her all the skin he is already showing off.

“Oh, yeah, you’re good then,” Perry says.

Well thats it, I’m sold. I’m watching Saturday Night Live, I don’t care if it is Texas-Oklahoma weekend in Dallas and Pat Green is playing at a bar across the street from my house.

Perry is promoting her new album, Prism, which drops on October 22nd.

Date: Saturday, October 12th
Start Time: 11:30 p.m. ET
Guest Host: Bruce Willis
Musical Guest: Katy Perry
TV Info: NBC
Online Stream: NBC.com (Clips/Full Episodes), Hulu (Full Episodes)

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