Mariniers ask Lou Piniella to come back and manage

“The Seattle Mariners recently contacted Piniella about the possibility, asking him to come out of retirement to manage their team again. One source with knowledge of the discussions described the Mariners’ pursuit of Piniella as “a full-court press.”

The previous quote was via baseball insider Ken Rosenthal. According to Rosenthal, despite Seattle’s interest in him, he has declined and has no interest in coming out of retirement.

Piniella has a nice part time job with the YES network and surely has enjoyed some time away from the game. However, it appears that the Mariners interest is more from a personal relations standpoint. If they bring in a face that fans want to see to manage their ball club, ticket sales will improve. If this is their selling point on pursuing Piniella, there could be some questions around how quickly the organization will be able to change their recent struggles to success.

Nevertheless, it would be fun to see Piniella back on the bench for a major league club. Explosions followed by media outburts always make for good headlines. If that is what the Mariners’ front office is searching for though, they may be better off with a manger that wants another chance, such as Ozzie Guillen. Mariners fans could be in for a treat for years to come.

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