Oregon cheerleaders display school-colored contacts (Photo)



Sometimes, I’m not sure what people enjoy more about the Oregon Ducks football program. Is it the fast-paced style of play they’ve displayed over the better part of the last decade? Or, is it how they seem to continually break the mold each week when it comes to fantastic, unique uniform combinations?

Sometimes it’s both, but you can’t argue the part about the uniforms. Through some help from Nike CEO–and Oregon alum–Phil Knight, the Ducks have changed the way teams suit up on Saturday’s. It seems these days that everyone tries to emulate, in some form or another, what the Ducks made famous.

But, is there an end to the madness? So far, there hasn’t been. They’re always finding ways to create some new excitement in the clothing department.

Now, though, they’ve branched out with their colorful school spirit antics, and this time it’s hit the cheerleading squad.

This Saturday, Oregon will travel on the road for a pivotal Pac-12 contest against the Washington Huskies. Well, on their way to Seattle today, the cheerleaders displayed their own type of Oregon spirit that may be even more incredible than the players’ uniforms.

Well, they’re an eye-opener at least–literally:


It’s only a matter of time until the entire state of Alabama is running around with contacts that say, “Roll Tide!”

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