Samsung Galaxy S5 to debut in January?

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Apple just released their newest line of smartphones by releasing the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S in September. Samsung and their Galaxy line of phones could be releasing their next version in January, sooner than originally anticipated.

According to Naver, a Korean website that is run by former Samsung employees, the company is ramping up it’s efforts to target a January release date.

“This is in accordance with the Galaxy S4′s sales slump was forced to accelerate time to market.”

The main reason for the push to speed up production and release isn’t to compete with the iPhone’s new models necessarily. They’re trying to combat their own slowing sales and give the market a little boost. They’ll debut the phone in January and then begin selling the phones in February.

Some of the features will include a “multi-octave-core 64-bit processing solutions”, low-light shooting, optical image stabilization technology, 16-mega pixel camera and a finger print recognition system.

One of the iPhone 5S’s new, and highly touted, featrues was also a finger print recognition system. So for all you Galaxy fans that were debating getting an iPhone, like one of my friends, the newest model isn’t that far away if you can hold off.

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