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Nov 5, 2011; Tucson, AZ, USA; Arizona Wildcats punter Kyle Dugandzic (13) has his punt blocked in the first quarter of a game against the Utah Utes at Arizona Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Chris Morrison-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona's punt flag, through the ages (Photos)

Did you see Arizona’s punt flag on Thursday night? In case you did, here it is:

As the Arizona Wildcats were losing to the USC Trojans they were waving a flag with the word PUNT on in it. They did this multiple times on third down plays. Images, GIFs and videos of the flag have gone viral.

It seems like it was serving as a reminder to the players of what down it was and that they are in danger of having to punt. But it is odd. It drew comparisons to waving the white flag or surrendering and received negative reviews for the most part from fans.

When things go viral, the internet some times has a history of producing gold. This punt flag is no different. For instance, what you might not have known, is that the punt flag has played an integral role in some of history’s biggest events.

Check out @JediASU‘s masterpieces below:

My favorite, England waving it during the Revolutionary War as George Washington crosses the Delaware.

This one is a close second favorite.

[h/t] Reddit user Shredmau5

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