The first look at the PS4 console as released at E3.

Why it seems the PS4 is great for indie developers?

The gaming industry is full of companies that have massive budgets. This allows them to have a full staff of employees that can work round the clock to ensure that the game they are working on looks it’s best upon release.

However there is another part of the gaming world where staffs are small and money is limited. This is the world of indie developers. These game developers don’t have the luxury of spending tons of money and have to allocate their resources carefully.

The staff is usually small as well with probably no more than 20 people working on a game. This is small when considering that other big companies can have 200 or more people working on one game.

The independent developers have to work twice as hard to get recognized. The positive for them is that with new consoles coming out in the PS4 and Xbox One the possibilities are endless.

Microsoft and Sony have both expressed that they will both support the indie community. It just seems that the PS4 would be the console of choice if a developer had to choose.

Sony through numerous announcements has shown how deeply invested they are with several indie games coming out for their new system.

Microsoft is not being a slouch, as they have also showed some games in development by indie companies. They are also allowing independent developers to self-publish games which a good thing to show the strong commitment to them.

For indie developers on the PS4 they will have a chance to grow their brand. There will also be a time where after the console launches that indie games can fill the gap between huge releases.

Once the games at launch are completed, consumers will be looking for games to tide them over.

There will a good influx of indie games coming to the PS4 and this will not only be good for the new console but the indie community as well.











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