Google Nexus 5 details leaked in hands on video (Video)

google nexus 5

The website Android Police came across a detailed video covering Google’s new phone, which will most likely be called the Nexus 5. The video is pretty long at seven minutes but gives an overview of the software and hardware. The video comes on the heels of a  leaked manual for the new phone.

One interesting note from the video is that the name of the Android version is “Key Lime Pie.” Commenters on the video pointed out that was odd since the newest version of Android is called “Kit Kat” because of a promotional deal with the candy bar company Nestle.

The uploader of the video wrote this in the about section about the Key Lime Pie (KLP) name: “Seems like a lot of people are concerned over the app versions and KLP name. It looks like this video was recorded when the software was at an earlier build.”

That is a logical explanation.

Other than that, the video starts off with a lot of close ups of every edge of the phone. He then starts working through the features and software. There is no audio so you’re watching in silence.

The phone is expected to be unveiled later this month. Apple just released their new line of iPhones in late September, Samsung moved up their phones potential release in 2014 to January.

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