Banksy sells artwork in Central Park

Banksy sells original artwork in Central Park for $60 (Video)

Famed street artist Banksy is in New York painting all around the city. The other day he decided to set up a stall in Central Park and sell his art work on canvases, all original, for a bargain price of $60 a piece.

He had very few takers.

It took a while for people to buy his work. One lady negotiated the price down to $60 for two paintings, one guy but 4 paintings just to throw up in his new apartment at a total price tag for $240. All the paintings sold earned a total of $420.

Incredible considering there are books out about his artwork and his fame. I guess that reflects his underground status and his under appreciation in the mainstream.

For comparison, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie paid $2 million for his art work, according to the Huffington Post. Banksy’s painting “Keep it Spotless” sold for $1,870,000 at Sotheby’s AUCTION (RED) in New York in February of 2008.

Works similar to the ones you see in the video have sold for over $200,000. A painting featuring monkeys with signs that said “keep it real” sold for $286,829 at auction. Another one featuring more monkeys with a sign that said “laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge.” sold for $449,349 at an auction. That one was a three piece set.

A set of three paintings featuring a guy throwing flowers, the monkey with the sign, and a girl holding a bomb sold for $241,737 dollars. You can see several paintings in the video that have the same monkey in them. You can also see the flower thrower in the video.

That guy paid $240 for artwork, including the flower thrower, that is worth considerably more. What an incredible accidental investment.

You can check all of Banksy’s New York art work at his website: