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Cody Rhodes and Gold Dust defeat the Shield for the WWE Tag Team Championship


On Monday Night Raw, Cody Rhodes and Gold Dust took on The Shield with the WWE Tag Team Championship on the line. Before the match started, Triple H told the trio that “the gloves were off” and the championship match would be a no disqualification match. This stipulation was put in place to unfairly give the trio a legitimate advantage over the brothers. Essentially this made it a handicap match.

The match was an incredible one for the ages with a good back and forth and captivating fights. At one point the crowd gave it the usual WWE stamp of approval by chanting mid-match: “this is awesome.” WWE fans use the chant frequently during matches they find particularly entertaining and above the usual level of competition.

At one point late in the match, Cody Rhodes was laying unconscious in the ring while Gold Dust was fighting outside the ring. He got into a scuffle with Dean Ambrose who hit him with an elbow. That left Gold Dust dazed and vulnerable, and Roman Reigns speared him through the barricade protecting the time keepers’ area. The two laid there while Dean Ambrose surveyed the area.

Ambrose recognized that Rhodes was still in the ring lying their motionless and ready to be pinned. Ambrose tried to pick up Reigns and slide him under the rope and into the ring when all of the sudden a certain area of the crowd began to cheer. The Big Show came through the crowd get involved dressed in street clothes.

Ambrose got a chair to try and assault Show but he kicked it back in his face knocking him out. Show than knocked out Rollins. Reigns was in the ring jawing at Show when Rhodes got up. Rhodes ran past reigns towards the ropes, jumping off trying to kick Reigns in the face but he ducked. When he ducked Big Show knocked him out. Rhodes pinned him and just like that Cody Rhodes and Gold Dust were crowned the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

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