New tight end Jordan Reed could be new stud for Washington Redskins

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That big blip on your fantasy radar is Washington Redskins tight end Jordan Reed.

He’s also that fast blip, too.

If you didn’t know who Reed was before Monday night’s 31-16 loss to the Dallas Cowboys then you should now.

Reed, who has taken over the starting job from Fred Davis, had 56 yards on four catches. That’s not impressive on the surface as such, but what was impressive is the way he played. Reed showed wide-receiver moves off the line and was able to run away from coverage on a couple of his receptions. Add that to the fact that he was second only to Pierre Garcon in targets and you have the formula for the same type of success that Jordan Cameron is having in Cleveland this season.

That sound you hear is fantasy players flocking to the waiver wire.

Reed is just a rookie but his raw talent is unquestioned. The Redskins lack a breakaway runner, and the receiving corps behind Garcon has been disappointing this season. Against the Cowboys, quarterback Robert Griffin III looked close to being the same player who made play after play last season. RG3 is a first read quarterback who sees the middle of the field well, which is where Reed camps out. If the Redskins can clear the middle and isolate Reed on a linebacker, he should be a viable TE2 or flex option the rest of the season.

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