Apple sends out iPad 5 event invitations

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It was just a few weeks ago that the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S hit stores. On Tuesday October 22nd there is another Apple event where they are expected to unveil and officially reveal the new iPad 5. Apple events are always hot tickets and loyal fans try to get inside as well as they can. Sometimes they can get a glimpse with a live stream video, sometimes it is simply following a live blog.

Apple has sent out the invitations to the lucky guests already. Usually the guest list is restricted to technology journalists, bloggers and reporters.

According to Mashable:

Apple sent out invitations to members of the press on Tuesday for an event to be held in San Francisco on Tuesday October 22.

One of the big reasons there is excitement surrounding the new iPad is that it will be the first tablet built for iOS 7, like the newest generation of iPhones. There are rumors that the iPad mini’s screen will get an upgrade with a “retina” display, but there are a lot of doubt as well.

Less surprisingly the newest iPad will be lighter and thinner. That seems to be one of the goals every year but usually unnoticeable to the average consumer. The bezel is less thick. Of course there is the usual improved camera. It is probably similar to the changes in the iPhone 5S, an increase aperture.

There could be some other iPhone features in the new iPad as well, like the finger sensor. Of course there could be a some other features that will be a surprise, I’m sure a lot of people will be tuned into the event to see what is unveiled.

It would be curious to see if they branch out from the iPad and iPad mini format and go with a 5C and a 5S like split.

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