Aug 10, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) prior to the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns not adding Tim Tebow

On Tuesday, Cleveland Browns fans received a bit of a scare whenever rumors surfaced of Tim Tebow being spotted at a Cleveland airport. Of course, folks immediately began to draw conclusions that he was in Cleveland to meet with the football team that recent lost a quarterback to a torn ACL, but that is not the case.

Pro Football Talk spoke to a source close to the situation that stated the Browns have no interest in adding Tebow.

Tebow really wouldn’t be a bad idea for the Browns to consider with Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell as the current signal-callers on the roster, but it appears that Browns general manager Mike Lombardi won’t be adding a quarterback to the depth chart unless they are capable of throwing a football.

Some may argue that Weeden and Campbell aren’t capable of throwing a ball themselves, but at least they don’t have the cult following that will become a distraction as the Browns attempt to fight back to the top of the AFC North.

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  • Me Wise Magic

    Tebow would be awesome on the Browns. Plus, that would bring him and Willis McGahee back together (the tandem that led the NFL in rushing in 2011). Imagine the Browns then going to the playoffs and knocking out the Denver Broncos (reverse Elway). Tebow would go down as the greatest hero in Cleveland sports history if that happened.

    • TopGearRules

      I hope this is just wishful thinking. It’s hard to imagine any QB that is worse than Weeden at this point but Tebow would be on that list as would Matt Lienart & Blaine Gabbert. The list is indeed short but Jason Campbell continues to cash his paychecks. Why not Campbell!

      • Me Wise Magic

        You just compared Tim Tebow to Matt Lienart and Blaine Gabbert? You would start Jason Campbell who is a lifelong loser in the NFL? Truly your logic is dizzying. Thank the Lord you are not in charge of anything.

        • TopGearRules

          All I simply did was list the worst QB’s in recent histiory. You may think Campbell is a looser but he is considered a solid back up and Weeden is already considered an unmitigated failure in only his second year!

          • Richard_Romano

            In the end, Tebow has displayed success that the others you list have not. Tebow has those intangibles we all hear about — his teammates will tell you that his electricity and passion encouraged them to play harder. Gabbert and Palmer will not only never win, but they can’t lead either.

        • Me Wise Magic

          @Top Gear
          Go back to the kiddie table. This is an adult conversation.

  • Greg

    He would be better than the old fart we have now.
    The waterboy would be better than Weeden