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Mexico could lose $600 million by missing World Cup

It is no secret that sports is big business. It is one of the central arguing points around college athletes being under-compensated for the amount of money the school can bring in with their play. We all know professional sports franchises can make a ton of money as well and have seen sports teams valued at over $1 billion dollars regularly.

No one really thinks about the money side of things when it comes to national sports teams competing in Olympics and tournaments like the World Cup. So it is kind of surprising to see the financial impact that missing the World Cup would have on Mexico.

From Business Insider:

The total cost of Mexico missing the World Cup would be $600 million in lost TV, merchandise, sponsorship and other revenue, according to DreaMatch sports marketing expert Rogelia Roa.

TV broadcasters would take a hit on ad revenue, and not just in Mexico. Televisa and TV Azteca paid a reported $100 million to broadcast the tournament in Mexico.

It’s not just TV money either. Shirt sales for Adidas, travel companies, and other sponsorships will also be affected. Adidas says that Mexico was the company’s best-selling international jersey at the last World Cup, with 1 million shirts sold.

Mexico currently sits in fourth place which would have them play New Zealand in a play-off for a World Cup berth. They should at least hold onto that situation, but there is a scenario where Mexico could be eliminated and miss out on the World Cups.

It would require Costa Rica to win, and Panama to blow out the U.S., who already qualified and won’t field a full-strength team.

It isn’t limited to Mexico either, it could impact the U.S. as well, with their large Mexican population. Univsion paid $325 million to broadcast the South Africa and Brazil World Cup tournaments in Spanish in the U.S..

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